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On April 1, Chinese certificate Jian will release'concerning deepen a new further issue system reform of instruction opinion', stipulate an inquiry result exceed profession the average city Ying leads 25%, needing afresh the inquiry is to afresh ascend meeting.This and American stock market the initial road play to provide a print with the red form of written of recruit manual to have initial list price to suggest unanimously, be so called "red herring" in the United States, the United States' the stock certificate method and SEC an information discloses rule in 1933, finally publish price exceed"red herring" quotation of above 20%, SEC request that publisher will recruit a book to deliver 1 cheap sun glasses time to the investor afresh and let the investor re- consider whether the list price is reasonable, after 48 hours, SEC would allow publisher to carry on register and become available in the market, ... Read more »

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Whole country two after the meeting, the Wen Jia Bao and Gu celebrates a wood, Li Chang Chun, Li Ke Qiang and He country in the middle of many strong etc.s totally central political bureau often the Wei cent leave for grounds, such as Guangxi, Fukien, Shandong, Hainan and Jilin...etc. and aim at circumstances like current economic situation,etc and launch a new intensive investigation.

  Report according to The Xinhua news agency, April 1-3, premier Wen Jia Bao's Qin state in Guangxi in State Department, ground investigation periods, such as Fukien spring state, Pu farmland and Fuzhou...etc., still just Fuzhou manage to convene Fukien and Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang four to save(city) economic situation symposium.

  From March 31 to April 1, win mens sunglasses totally central vice premier Wan ... Read more »

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