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Although see from the data, have continuously to the good trend,want to truely carry out inside the scope at the world'the power transfer', and the longer road wants to walk.All person GDP woulds be a good reflection index sign.

  Though the E11 has already biggest acquire to promote at the name economic scale, and ascend before the world row, total but speech, the name GDP level is placed in opposite more fall behind of position, and the internal margin is bigger.In 2010 Korean all name GDP is USD 20,800, the level is the tallest in the E11.At the same year the person of India all name GDP is only USD 1480, 7.1% of Korea, 3.1% of the United States.

  In the E11, in 2010 person all GDP is higher than the nation of USD 15,000 as sand especially and Korea, have already got into flourishing economy row or column.BE lower than there are India ... Read more »

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