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Gao was hereat ex- of 93.5 estimate index numbers.Since 2009, because of being subjected to an international financial crisis the whole Sweden particularly the influence of national sovereignty obligation in the south Europe crisis, face real economy to suffer confidence in the impact, market keep on tired and weak, the business enterprise close down to increase an etc. problem, but in less than a year, the economy of Sweden starts recovering again.The main reason is like to descend a few aspects:

  First, Sweden didn't join euro area.Don't also be like Denmark similar practice a hard hook of the currency of oneself and euro.Economic recession in 2009, the Sweden gram Lang regulates ability by one's own strong, once appeared to depreciate a phenomenon to the euro.Can exchange EUR 1 such as June, 20099.26 grams of Langs, till December, 200910.26 grams of Lang squares can exchange ... Read more »

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