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What does the new after publishing the red herring change again

On April 1, Chinese certificate Jian will release'concerning deepen a new further issue system reform of instruction opinion', stipulate an inquiry result exceed profession the average city Ying leads 25%, needing afresh the inquiry is to afresh ascend meeting.This and American stock market the initial road play to provide a print with the red form of written of recruit manual to have initial list price to suggest unanimously, be so called "red herring" in the United States, the United States' the stock certificate method and SEC an information discloses rule in 1933, finally publish price exceed"red herring" quotation of above 20%, SEC request that publisher will recruit a book to deliver 1 cheap sun glasses time to the investor afresh and let the investor re- consider whether the list price is reasonable, after 48 hours, SEC would allow publisher to carry on register and become available in the market, China settles to 25% for the warnning line.But I think, there is also the space to change.

  The certificate Jian will be lately guiding opinion in already the rate begin to publish list price, and cancel a net to target a period for next three month from the city Ying and emphasize risk discloses, little say the accomplishment of future of expectation, adopt a lawyer to compose to recruit manual or the third parties compose to recruit manual.I think also having the place to change.

Let the too small business enterprise of plate become available in the market, I think that this is irresponsible to people of, is to business enterprise irresponsible, is to economic transformation irresponsible, cause hurl and go, the breeze hurl, listed company get 1 and walk and cause speculation and stir up trouble.The plate is too small, needs a little amount funds and then can let the stock price do as pleases.How to do?I think to satisfy 100,000,000 plates and publish city to be worth above 500,000,000 dollars and speak from this angle, should close three planks, win small plank, all of this are also the mistake that committed in the past, wanted to try the close B in the future.

  Raised to publish a subscribed capital amount, city value standard, pour to force the business enterprise is annexing to reorganize the last depth to get involved, or attain the business enterprise mature again become available in the market, this is 1 kind to promote to the industry transformation.The new issue reforms to reform just from the city Ying rate, investor angle and also needs in consideration of help the real economy to transform the kit of aspect.

  Moreover, when the new issue road plays pass the concentration carry on, so, the investor has a comparative Mens Mont blanc Sunglasses opportunity, is also the method of investor asunder, the inquiry will rationalize, can't be getting more extremely high.Don't deliver a new every day at the same time, while becoming available in the market, I think the same sky city of three stocks, so, not bad stir-fry, definitely disallow a new becomes available in the market and definitely disallows a company issue road to play, have to three roads play for the basic unit, this is the system that controls to stir-fry to make.
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