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The part of economic index sign appears to drop

Whole country two after the meeting, the Wen Jia Bao and Gu celebrates a wood, Li Chang Chun, Li Ke Qiang and He country in the middle of many strong etc.s totally central political bureau often the Wei cent leave for grounds, such as Guangxi, Fukien, Shandong, Hainan and Jilin...etc. and aim at circumstances like current economic situation,etc and launch a new intensive investigation.

  Report according to The Xinhua news agency, April 1-3, premier Wen Jia Bao's Qin state in Guangxi in State Department, ground investigation periods, such as Fukien spring state, Pu farmland and Fuzhou...etc., still just Fuzhou manage to convene Fukien and Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang four to save(city) economic situation symposium.

  From March 31 to April 1, win mens sunglasses totally central vice premier Wang Qi Shan in political bureau member of committee, State Department while investigating in Zhejiang, also convening China the east is seven city foreign trade situation symposiums, hears city representative director's speeches, such as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fukien, Jiangxi and Shandong...etc..

  The investigation route that takes a wide view a decision layer, in the foreland, the majority of of its concentrations real economy, civil margin and innovation, foreign trade and state-owners enterprise reform an etc. keyword, is again and again mentioned.

  "Currently economy fall, order decrease, the business enterprise lacks money, the capital construction also lacks.The central leadership intensively investigates, mainly be still for working out an economic concrete problem, promise completion to increase a target."Hair in the nation changes Wei investment researcher and China investment association president of association like this does Zhang Han Ya read.

  Zhang Han Ya points out that the decision layer goes to place to investigate, a generally have in the middle of the year two more concentrated time segment, one's after being those early years two meetings in the whole country also hasing one is an around November.The this time decision layer investigation on the other hand can understand the people live and feel, can also publicizee a related policy on the other hand.

  The data that early reports a reporter to turn over to check Chinese government net discovers that last year was 4 beginning of the months, Wen Jia Bao, Li Ke Qiang et al once launched an intensive investigation to the economy.Those early years April 13, Wen Jia Bao manages to convene State Department to often work a meeting and analyze quarterly degree economic situation, the research deploys the next stage economy work.

  Compare last year, Mens COACH Sunglasses the this year investigation comes a little bit early.On March 17-18, whole country two the first weekend after the meeting, Wen Jia Bao then starts on journey to leave for Henan.And The Xinhua news agency draft mention, ground province Weis, such as Guangxi, Fukien, Hainan, Shandong and Jilin...etc. and government, this year in totally central political bureau often the Weis leave for a local investigation period, to often the Weis made to work to make collective report.
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