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Turning the faculty of engineering to pour is near, 302 cars was all of a sudden and found out a location, the spot was like facing mortal enemy, the quite a few is personal to wait to try to speak, it's my turn and spoke after ten minutes, the director beckoned with the hand to say:Like, stop.Seem my audition in studio.My face is getting reder a while, feel oneself spoke far and rather last time, the breathing of failure covered with whole body, I am disappointed to frustratedly stand down Taiwan.The director says:Your language is soon too quick, even I listen to not pure, common speech also not go, cheap oakley sunglasses southern people.I am approaching death to flounderingly explain:I am a little bit nervous, hereafter will definitely okay.He shakes and says:In fact I am here have a mountain greatly come of, he speaks q ... Read more »

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