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On April 1, 'open air advertisement in Guangzhou City and placard establish norm'(brief name'norm')will formally be in use.Though the new rules carries out forthcoming, enjoyed the blind spot problem that the public opinion disputes still before now have never had concrete detailed regulations to come out.This means that believe square and Wei in landmark building in Guangzhou the comity store of the much country of benefit square beautiful electric appliances, wreath City road and Peking the placards of lately greatly new etc. one stem store of the road all are placed in to be tored down of category inside. "One doesn't have advertised city, will become dying city, this undertaking adds for prosperity and development of city, the disadvantage constucts an international company in Guangzhou Mao center."College of commerce in Guangdong circulates an economic king from bureau cheap sun glasses chief in gra ... Read more »

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