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Economy in Sweden started recovering analysis

Gao was hereat ex- of 93.5 estimate index numbers.Since 2009, because of being subjected to an international financial crisis the whole Sweden particularly the influence of national sovereignty obligation in the south Europe crisis, face real economy to suffer confidence in the impact, market keep on tired and weak, the business enterprise close down to increase an etc. problem, but in less than a year, the economy of Sweden starts recovering again.The main reason is like to descend a few aspects:

  First, Sweden didn't join euro area.Don't also be like Denmark similar practice a hard hook of the currency of oneself and euro.Economic recession in 2009, the Sweden gram Lang regulates ability by one's own strong, once appeared to depreciate a phenomenon to the euro.Can exchange EUR 1 such as June, 20099.26 grams of Langs, till December, 200910.26 grams of Lang squares can exchange womens sunglasses EUR 1, only time in half year, gram the Lang depreciated 10% strong.The monetary policy in Sweden availably controled the fall that Sweden manufacturing industry exports an international market quota.When the economic emergence turns for the better, gram the comparative price of the Lang starts raising, till April, 2012, 8.84 grams of Langs then can exchange an euro, the current euro depreciates here of factor, also have Sweden thinks a maintenance gram strong position of Lang of factor.The foreign country capital was again emolliently attracted to the monetary policy in Sweden a reflux, promoted the virtuous cycle of financial market.

  The second, Sweden government drew to take to teach from the financial crisis in past and strengthened the management to the government budget and bank to take charge of.The early part of 90's in last century, Sweden government starts opening financial market and caused banking foam's enlarging, many banks closes down to go bankrupt because the bad property surges.Sweden government drew to take experience precept in this crisis, in later more than 10 yearses, built up together with central bank a set of more complete of and the financial risk of norm guard against system and strengthened Sweden economy to change the Wei into Anne's ability.

  The third, Sweden government practices currency policy of retrenchment, cuts down parts of welfares and lowers public Cartier plane lens glasses expenditure.As early as many nations in the worlds are all studying to draw lessons from Sweden society management experience and'from cradle to grave'of welfare system, Sweden still kept keeping more awake brains, started carrying on introspecting to its welfare system and attained to take preventive measures.Carried on taking or rejecting under the sistuation that don't influence welfare social system, properly reduced some social welfare items, availably controled public expenditure, many in the last yearses made the public obligation has been maintaining about 50% and reduces government public obligation risk thus.
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