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Person all data predicament

Although see from the data, have continuously to the good trend,want to truely carry out inside the scope at the world'the power transfer', and the longer road wants to walk.All person GDP woulds be a good reflection index sign.

  Though the E11 has already biggest acquire to promote at the name economic scale, and ascend before the world row, total but speech, the name GDP level is placed in opposite more fall behind of position, and the internal margin is bigger.In 2010 Korean all name GDP is USD 20,800, the level is the tallest in the E11.At the same year the person of India all name GDP is only USD 1480, 7.1% of Korea, 3.1% of the United States.

  In the E11, in 2010 person all GDP is higher than the nation of USD 15,000 as sand especially and Korea, have already got into flourishing economy row or column.BE lower than there are India, Indonesia, China and South Africa in the nation of USD 8000 and still belong to a low income mens sunglasses level nation.In addition, China and India in the E11, in the macro economy scale and others all of the level margin with huge existence.This phenomenon means citizen's life and development level of these nation opposite shortage, and mays become the fetter of development very much.But at the same time, this phenomenon also expresses that the development of these nation still has a huge potential.

  The report points out that prospect 2012, taking E11 as the representative's emerging economies to develop will face many indeterminations.Induce, mainly include a flourishing economy keep on of economy overcast may cause very much world further descending of the gross demand, the part nation faces a higher jobless rate, part nation of the trade friction of may become a mutual of check and supervision economics and trade relationship development of hot point problem etc..

  Owing to E11's still facing many indeterminations, description and analysis also develop owing to the 2011 emerging economies at the same time, the report thinks, the E11 macro economy growth slows down range in the first half of 2012 more big, PRADA oversize sunglasses second half year of may be opposite stability, the whole year economy increases to soon anticipate to 6.7% or so.

  Among them, Chinese economy increases to soon anticipate to 8.8% or so, the Brazil is 4.0%, India is 7.5%, and Russia mostly maintains in 3.8%.Although China appears economy crustily six possibilities are very small,do not expel other individual nation the economy appear crustily six possibilities.
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