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Turning the faculty of engineering

Turning the faculty of engineering to pour is near, 302 cars was all of a sudden and found out a location, the spot was like facing mortal enemy, the quite a few is personal to wait to try to speak, it's my turn and spoke after ten minutes, the director beckoned with the hand to say:Like, stop.Seem my audition in studio.My face is getting reder a while, feel oneself spoke far and rather last time, the breathing of failure covered with whole body, I am disappointed to frustratedly stand down Taiwan.The director says:Your language is soon too quick, even I listen to not pure, common speech also not go, cheap oakley sunglasses southern people.I am approaching death to flounderingly explain:I am a little bit nervous, hereafter will definitely okay.He shakes and says:In fact I am here have a mountain greatly come of, he speaks quite goodly, and masters in a literalness body to analyze very much, we even need a person like this.Good heavens!Seeing to God didn't abandon me.I was right away like to beat a burst of stimulant and without thinking blew one's owned horn:To say to analyze a literalness body I want didn't°yet which together age the person is stronger than me.You literally say a poem text, I use right away seal script to write out for you.He is foolish for a while:Is true, good, you come.I follow him to arrive at next door a small classroom, he says:You write one to try on the blackboard.I have Shi without perhaps say:Write which head, allow you to lift.He pondered for a while:Literally write 1 to go.I in high spirits walk platform, the Nian rises a chalk and flies to soon use plum flower painting that the seal script wrote a Kingdom Wei on the blackboard:In a dream terrible various sky of Duo, eye bottom dust 100 Hus are strong.The bitterness recallto the mind Luo to float to below the hills live, ten thousand one beard bed in the plum flowers.And then explanation way:Isn't a pure seal script, some words are Chu's Jian Xie Fa, more the thou is a little bit old.He tooks a look a blackboard, the vision changes direction my eyes:Can you when make a contract?In hand still have other units.I answer very honestly:A friend introduces me north the teacher is big, don't know the line doesn't go.He says:I am a north what teacher greatly graduate, they are there very poor, isn't a very ideal choice.The behind is again a heap of words, in a word I choose then at his under charge do more ideal, the salary will be higher of type.I secretly draw a deep sigh and see to seek a work still really an ability condescension not, a self-confident, they were vanquished by you.I finally still chose north the teacher is big, why so, speak of come it is a long story.Although I at the MLB Jerseys & hats beginning fee so many frustrates, want, actually still compare now of kid lucky, if there is still at least, a high school hopes earnestly me go to!

New York famous vogue magazine columnist lady Bei Si Lan say, she buys of a pair of shoe are very beautiful, like very much, be where be unsuited to feet have been canning not wear.Find out Ms. Chen afterwards, unexpectedly after the shoe that she adjusts, beautiful as before very comfortable, absolutely be like custom-made similar.Hence lady Bei Si Lan makes every effort to recommend publicity and lets Ms. Chen's fame big Zao.A lot of vogue personages in New York all regard as the absolute being to her and said Ms. Chen now, didn't don't dare and buy again of shoes.These people's shoe should all correct the mistakes to despise the shoe business of fixing of Ms. Chen, you know her the sales amount for a year how much?The saying you doesn't not believe, nearly USD 1,000,000, fix shoe to stare blankly to fix 1,000,000 flowing waters, concede?We are that she calculates calculate Zhang, polish shoes every day on the average 200 pairs of, USD 8 per double.
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