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Why want to promote'labor contract method'

The modern and essential economics holds principle in the market like this:Not only be free from the market of intervention to exchange what oneself is a freedom but fair, and, the benefit behavior of pursuing of everybody guides in "invisible of hand" under can maximizing of well versed social benefits.Problem BE, though the modern and essential economics equals free economy of market economy,is corpus in the market indeed as expected free?Or have the "freedom" of equal?At the same time, according to particular market mechanism of"freedom" exchange result indeed as expected fair?Obviously, the former involves corpus in the market owns of power structure, the latter then involves the procedure rule of market exchange basis.In fact, top of the analysis pointed out two types of powers concentrated phenomenon, among them, public power concentration of political realm mainly involves power check and balance and organization to manage, this is basically mens sunglasses the important contents that the politician pays attention to;The private power concentration of economic realm mainly involves commutation mechanism in the market, this is basically the core contents that the economist pays attention to.But misery of BE, the modern and essential economics inherit title the revivification theory of classic economics thinking and treat corpus in the market as atom individual, could not see the behavior in the realistic market as well thus corpus' difference in the position and the strength, could not see the concentrated phenomenon of the money power and the property power of exchange creation in the market.Try to ask:Modern system in the capitalism market is particularly the power in current system in the our country market is an even dispersion?Further, even if the modern and essential economics promotes of the market competition can urge the dispersion of power, but this power asunder comes to a to be good enough to carry out to exchange fair degree?

  Add the Er cloth thunder Si to wait to point out very early in fact, is an individual consumer and is that the of built-up manufacturer exist serious power dissymmetry, the modern social typical model characteristic is manufacturer's sovereignty;Is an individual employee and is the built-up manufacturer's to also exist serious power dissymmetry, the capitalism market is essentially advantageous to manufacturer.Powell Si then made to the power if give a definition:"If the A passes to let the means that the B pays for it(or the threat want to do so) and force B according to being advantageous to an A method activity, so the AN owns a power to the B", obviously, "a owner make the worker is a certain matter, if don't press to request to do and then get the order of the boot.Superficially see, the worker has the free option to do or don't do, but actually, owner's request is an instruction.Although lose a work and Be different from to throw away life so terrible, throw away a work to mean to sink into economic plight to many people".[1] says from this meaning, employer for be employed to own a power.BE Cheap COACH Sunglasses exactly according to this understanding, Powell Si thinks, the capitalism economic system not only embodied a competition, but also embodied control, while the control comes from interpersonal inequality.Du space and Xie Er Man then emphasizes, "under the capitalist system, the freedom at most just limits at political realm, can talk in the economic realm nothing important democracy.In the capitalism business enterprise, the owner owns an absolute power.Therefore, if a worker and owners completely stand opposite, he will get the order of the boot-this isn't the democracy.After, the French big revolution's capitalist rank owned to line up him sexual of economic power, they replaced feudalism landlord and all right made at the same time tremendous political power, until now still such."[2]Hen in Melbourne bottom"huge egg" ratio
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