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Who compare who humor

The university things of the past recollection rises up an interesting news during the days in the university today, the some weekend school dance hall contains dancing party while ascending grade four, we a go a few whole day Sis to mix in a female graduate student and male non- graduate student the thoroughly bored walk on the road and right against the face run one student association male chairman, glow with enthusiasm dress up a new quickly passing time water China is about to participate in this best sunglasses dancing party, inquire our this dancing partieses to all have square fairy, we are in poor fettle to say that all of there are a heap of soils son, he is very cocky to say, "that we a go to for ocean son."We immediately smile and all know that time, we secretly feel that he is just exactly real one soil son, all day long wear regularly just according to, with revolution staff, also close to organization actively and upward, have never thought the somebody else feel him/herlself so good, disappear an outside, oneself was simply he or she as our wes person.He at that time affirmation feel, he with we these have no organization have no the discipline had never pursued have no ideal of free personnel's set almost played trick certain very kind have no shelf, person good humor.Hence we all start a joke, we smile the humor of having no the humorous person, he smiles him from think very humorous sense of humor, both parties sink to immerse to roar with laughter in the very delicate humorous consensus.Graduate for many years afterwards, I hear that a heart closes to built-up of he turned around to find out new organize, emigrant Canada runs to the underneath maple leaf to swear to, became truely false ocean son.But we these very naughty small treacheries but resolve a mainland, change into local horizontal true soil NFL Jerseys & hats son.Again past how many years, have ambition youth on grinding teeth a to stamp foot, the advanced age starts learning German and took the first crease of life and ambition to drift about ocean son horizontal rare country the passive ocean get up, he again export turn for the domestic sale do to have 1 F of Du the ocean hold ocean passport of the soil sea return, don't know how many years hereafter again what happened, there is ocean in our soil, there is soil in the ocean, the soil uses for ocean, the ocean uses for soil, the soil ocean doesn't divide of take turns exchange when is a .You say that who can than living more humorous, it whether early and in the sky tossing about cachinnation for smelly considering as correct of our owner is a lot of years of.

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