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This kind of income's assigning
And, this kind of income's assigning doesn't  is justice as well, even if the labor income can reflect its labor to contribute.Investigate its reason, mankind's individual is differences, have of person very may because of born ability blemish but the labor efficiency is lowly, the person who have then has particular habit;Correspond ground, the mankind individual also exists two baseball hats types of natural inequalities:On being the inequality of ability, is paid attention to by Sen;Two is the inequality of welfare, it is paid attention to by the equal doctrine in earlier period.According to the modern and equal doctrine standpoint, people should not because of ownly without fault but life than others bad;Emphasize such as the section boon, the purpose of equal doctrine is to want'get rid of a not- voluntary disadvantageous condition'.[2] generally, because of not and voluntarily fault but result in the natural inequality of income difference's mainly expressing:One is a sex, age, physique, intelligence and contract disease several characteristics with internal rate etc. up, two is an external characteristic, such as, property amount, social background, and external circumstances etc. up.Obviously, if income difference only is because birth or the day after tomorrow occupy to the resources different but result in, so, this seeming isn't fair.Say from this angle, modern society pay attention to of law in front'the everyone is equal'or the opportunity in mechanism in the market is equal all is only a formality of equal, but neglected the dissimilitude of human relations, thus usually caused substantially a not- equal doctrine;Investigate its reason, advocate to all give equal consideration to the owners, actually also hint at to approve to give treating of inequality to the person who is placed in a disadvantageous position.Positive because exist this kind of not- voluntary natural inequality, as a result in brief expend or labor contribute to assign income to exist according to the labor shortage;This is what mark thinks to point out very early, he writes a way in get to German worker's party platform of what time opinion :'A person excels another person on the physical strength or the intelligence, therefore provides a more labor in same times, or cans labor longer time;But labor......This equal right is the right of the inequality to the labor of different etc........It recognized tacitly personal natural endowments of dissimilarity etc., as a result also recognized tacitly the work ability of different etc. is a natural privilege'.[3]
BE exactly because the reality is social medium of beginning start to assign aviator sunglasses income to have to be unsuited to reasonableness, not only embodiment at labor income don't embody its labor contribution, and also performance is contributing to get according to the labor the principle of income also neglected the natural inequality of the individual of mankind;Obviously, this is an income again allotment provided theory foundation, income again allotment of the basic purpose is to start to assign medium absurdity to carry on making up to the income beginning:On the other hand is the corpus that is injured to those to carry on repair and carry out in expiation of justice thus;Is to provide to help to those persons who are placed in a natural minority position on the other hand, thus the realization rectifies justice.By the root say, the core of social justice is an allotment justice, Luo Er Si point out, 'the justice of a social system, essentially rely on how to assign a basic right obligation, rely on to exist in the social different stratum of economic opportunity and social condition'.[4] generally, the allotment justice gets an embodiment on two layers:On being the basic justice or procedure justice that the income beginning starts an allotment, two is an income allotment again in of compensate justice with rectify justice.
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