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This is the opening remarks of an article
Get up to calm down in the morning, listen to the Sir's suggestion, the self-discipline listenning to be subjected to is one chapter, hear teacher Jiang that Ping-ho but be again full of the voice of magic power, I think that the Sir is the person who attains, but I leave round table far, I indulged myself, I have been aming again continuously making the same mistake, but I would not like to not dare to face to admit, persistently of elusion, I already be used to hereat, even in want to change I feel is a very difficult affair.Think of that fine three days again, before I am to throw to lose, NBA Hats still would I not like to think, face and do?That is full of intense emotion be full of for touched three days, more than two months passed by and returned to think of to still keep coming clearly to view and was me to write these literalness time, music listen to round table, I still keep moving and also introspect.I open Guo Zi Lin's blog, he are close relatives to us, a senior, I even want to call him as a teacher and all say to hear rather on seeing and before once listenned to too many language of expressions concerning him here and had of just to one of his mysterious feeling, until meet for the first time, feel that he is later on a kindly and kind person, communicate to arise spontaneously 1 kind to respect and admire from the heart bottom.Once saw a few articles of river wealth students that he shares, I thought that they are what good lucks, can feel the character magic power of such a teacher.At I big three in hall after once listenning to teacher Guo's an academic chair, I am also cold don't know talk to what is meant by, if is that I will definitely and hard feel now, however I was equally lucky to get in touch with round table under his help, this is my good luck.Saw the article of a few lower classman's lower classwomans, let me again feel his magic power, until see this enjoying that can not turn head of painful , at this time this view incredibly thus agree with of to ascend my flavor.We have common place, probably he releases now however, but I still keep liking to Fendi Sunglasses Sale drill into own cave, or say that being used to is more accurate, in fact I am to really like, I dislike so.Bear with can be treated as the lowest 1 F of self-discipline for being subjected to, this I think that I have already come to a, but I can not bear of I started stabbing a person, and could not accept after realizing and rather hid, I was a hedgehog.I still need to continue self-discipline, I also if a person who attains, I want to make the own life is sublimated.This imagines similar before will these writing composition private diary, but return overdo want, isn't me and then at evade?Let it becomes my to face at a time to attain at a time!

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