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The United States hands in a "two buildings"

American federal housing the financial office handed in real estate collateral loan toward the U.S. Congress on the 21th tycoon building benefit the United States and the work plan of building ground beautiful next stage, and set'set up, reduce, protect'three fight slightly a target.

  According to this latest plan, American government is at the next stage the first target is to concentrate on building up new infrastructure structure for second class collateral loan market;The second target BE, gradually cut'two buildings'in the market of predominate a position, simplification and constringency two companies at the same time of luck camp activity;The mens sunglasses third target BE, keep to obstruct housing the ability of the Shu activity, and keep to the new margin and again the margin activity provide letter the loan the funds.

  The American federal housing financial office acts for director Edward-virtuous Ma Ke write a way in the proposal:'Because‘Two buildings& rsquos;Have already been taken over to carry a camp for more than three years, and in the near future still have no solution, is the time of the target and direction of renewal and extension connector.'

  'Two buildings'hold or guarantee half housing collateral loans in the United States, due to suffering financial crisis serious wound these two home economics mansions support business enterprise's aring since September 6, Womens Fendi Sunglasses 2008 taken over by American government, up to have already accepted over the salvage funds of USD 180,000,000,000 currently.Since crisis, American the public's noise of shouting in reforming housing financial system strengthens more strong.In February, 2010, Obama's government put forward the White Paper of American housing financial market reform, plan lower government's participation degree in the housing financial market, and gradually close'two buildings'.However, this reforms to suffer layer after layer resistance, can not make real progress.
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