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The sex officer appeals against verdict
The cause a sensation Liaoning female is huge to be greedy for Luo second even, is falling into dragnet of justice and every few years after, at the Zha day by once sun City's Intermediate People's Court review to affirm to make to take bribe offense, corruption and a huge sum of property source not clear offense, few offense combine punish be imposed death penalty, deprive political right for life, have no from its all propertieses.But Luo is second even to mean to appeal against verdict baseball sunglasses after the indictment, appeal to higher court.(Chen Yang's evening newspaper )report according to the medium, Luo is second even with a with section class staff's identity, create anti- be greedy for in China history up all belong to the sample product of "stand", all is can leave thick Mo heavy colourful a pen.It isn't only involved value to be up to more than 10000 dollarses 6000 and still control in the hand super enter in really personal small treasury of 100000000 dollars, and living very and putrefied depravity, very and romantic become sex, not only strong Ba male inferiority, for satisfy the Yin desire can recruit of then come to flick of then go, make use of sex appeal and superior more to seduce crafty, at satisfy desire of at the same time, the place heart accumulates constructing of Lyu to relate to net and protection umbrella.Was such a to extremely lose party and principle, vanished the female staff of human nature and ethics, the woman despised by person, it may be said is five poison complete, it is to say to have already arrived person the situation of dior Sunglasses Discount absolute being total anger and depend on reason by law, Luo is all second even offense can not She, penalizing all of its death penalties are what it has only oneself to blames, can not blame other people.But the offense is its penal Luo at present second even mean to appeal against verdict and appeal to higher court, absolutely Be worth people's considering and watch out for.As a citizen, Luo is second even to have the appealing right, this is the embodiment of social legal system human rights.Speak from this, Luo is second even if in order to fight for the legal rights but resort of oneself, don't  permit to query.But what to be worth height's watching out for is, Luo is second even with the career that joins the government for several years, combine the graveness of its case value details of case, still keep defying and wanting to put forward resort, perhaps and not only list is procedural problem, or say can not expel to exist other factors and scheme of possibility, at least worth the society closely pays attention to such a may take place of trend.Luo is second even to be involved to begin from the end of 90's in last century, but this in the center didn't therefore leaks out, until in 2005, the serious problem waded by Luo continuously drive send to city and all levels Ji check organization, but until 2007, at drag along after two years department concerned just enter upon to carry on a survey, and then lead after a year, Luo is second even just drive pertaining to crime detention.Luo also due to smelling information for this period of time and try to find solution to escape abroad through the concerning foreign affairs of leave marriage, sanctions evade law, and almost succeed.After Luo appears at court, the progress of case also out of the blue of slowness, slowly didn't get a conclusion, cause a querying of the external world thus.Is such a big case that cause the Wei deep concern of medium Ji to want a case, its social influence can not evaluate and quickly review quickly definitely can alleviate social worry anxiously from the certain degree, and to the corruption and the job commit crime wait specially big vibration of behavior formation and earthquake Zhe effect.
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