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The our country all put forward the target of urbanization
The our country all put forward the target of urbanization everywhere currently, for example Shaanxi province puts forward to push conditioned 6,000,000 farmerses to go into the city to fall a door in five years, Yunnan's putting forward will must go into the city for the coming 10 yearses, Chengdu, Sichuan will have 500 many ten thousand farmers to carry out a whole area in 2012 Chengdu unified household register, can freely change residence to be free from any baseball hats restriction in Chengdu.The our country promotes everywhere currently of the urbanization basically adopt solution to originally save village household register population, to the household register of foreign population that doesn't belong to this province basically not to the consideration.This is in fact the urbanization method of working for self as motive.We know that the our country acrosses fluid population in the province to have 100000000 people, if the town that stare at local fluid population turns, the town obviously neglecting turns medium most want to stay in the city of also most entitle to stay in the benefits of part of everyones of city.

The point that the town turns is a small town still greatly medium city?Is it the circumlittoral flourishing region that still keep winning the west?
the world go through of the regulation should be a work is which household registers where should.Town's turning isn't a farmer to go into the city, but give to go into the city a farmer work most decisively.Which there is work, should make the person who works over there stay, work out their household register problems.The voice of big city is very big, spoke to hug to block up too much now, super pay a lotus of operation, refuse to accept the foreign population that works there at them.But very strange BE, these cities actually don't refuse foreign population, just don't want to pay a household register index sign.There are all 8,000,000 above not- local household register populations in Shanghai, Peking in the work, why don't  want with various lend, to these people's benefits not to the consideration?They should have been the constructor and taxpayer of these cities.In fact three metropolis populations of our country eastern coast the density is much lower than turn in Tokyo of Japan and turn in Seoul of Korea, of so hug currently is manage level very bad reason.I have ever been to as well many in the Mont blanc Sun Glasses small city of the west, the house sets up very beautifully, but basically could not sees light till evening, that is because of no one.The town turns to speak that makes the person to the city all right, have to also make them have a work, but the work is the industry with a competition ability to bring.Many industry developments in the place don't get up, or is have no competition ability.At the place like this makes urbanization, should be a dead end.So the town turns to be having the place of work post to make.Aring also those places that orally have been refusing to accept, in fact have already flowed into in great quantities foreign population should solve farmer to change citizen's problem.

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