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The intelligence turns to repair light system
Intelligence's turning to repair light system is an adoption can send out particular electromagnetism frequency chart spectrum light to create light to shine on a condition for plant photo-synthesis.Science research expresses the plant develops processes to all pass photo-synthesis as usual,womens sunglasses light appearance reaction, light the period regulate to finished.The plant absorbs light in the photo-synthesis can mainly from chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and type beard Luo the Bu vegetable complete, its absorbing spectrum is certain, and the spectrum that absorbs a particular wave band.But, grow to have the fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium light, metal to stew light etc. in the applied artificial light source in the plant currently, no longer use these lighting methods to provide light source in the perpendicular agriculture lieutenant general.Because these light sources shoot white light spectrum or line-like in shape table line, the spectrum matches ignore to think, can be absorbed by the plant of just separately mlb snapback the light of wave band, the lights of other wave bands all drive wasted, not economy energy;Moreover, these light sources produce more calories, the disadvantage grows at the plant, not ability close quarter project light upon plant, light ability of make use of an efficiency not high.Therefore, the adopting in the agriculture Mo mansion lieutenant general in the sky the electric power that the special spectrum light makes use of creation in inner part in the farm creates a condition for farm crop photo-synthesis and maximizes economy energy by realization.

Still need sincerely a Zun rule of law
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