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The Chuo wears another monstrous
October 26 and the 27th, Shenzhen major media, each big websites all released a news:The sea meets with a plan before Shenzhen list the row City manage legal power.This news, let people rendered speechless, stare tongue-tied.I not understand, the reform as China opens of special area, why be addicted to a plan list row, this is how incompatible with special area head, special area identity and special area culture.This special area, also have at 1:00 especially of flavor?
What is best sunglasses plan the list row City?This is in the age of planned economy, nation for ensuring 8 economy flourishing, transportation vital point, industrial foundation strong Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xian, Xiamen, Qingdao, Nanking, Chongqing, grow the spring etc. city of society and economy stabilize a development, ensure national policy people's livelihood, from national establishment economy development strategy, just give these cities with the center the position to plan list row, and correspond to give pair province class management legal power.This at that time, beyond doubt is very correct.Is also what administrative area draws to give legal confirmation?
The reform opens, we have been emphasizing the development of urbanization and cities and have already no longer carried on plan list row to the above city, but State Department of of many policies directly to 70 creation influences that greatly win a city.Can say, so-called plan list the row City is already to historically come and go, what to leave is a historical light spot.Ages fore enter, the race are in the development, culture is in the renew, but Shenzhen, can be addicted to such a history of come and go?
The havings that takes a wide view major media in Shenzhen reports, originally, for stir-frying to buy to stir-fry the residence of selling the ex- Haiti area, before rising the building price of the sea, concept in building City weave to on a large scale make out intentionally, is also 30 in the last yearses in Shenzhen, a monstrous lie.Looking into the batch that the hair changes Wei text is August 26 first the Shenzhen special area establish 30 anniversary that cheap Gucci glasses very day, hair in the nation changed Wei batch to reply
front sea deep harbor modern service industry cooperation area total development programming .This plan basically has no plan list row City a say.
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