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The bank strengthens a railroad department
Recently, in constucting bank and Chinese bank the middle accomplishment convening respectively recommending willing, the high tube of these two large stateowned banks mean respectively, they have already strengthened the management to the railroad department letter loan.Set up a line of president Guo Shu Qing to say, set up to go is about 110,000,000,000 dollars to the loan surplus amount of the railroad department, the interest rate has already raised basis level, at the same best sunglasses time, set up a line to still up accept each goes and the examination and approval legal power of railroad and related loan in the highway.Medium long Li Li Hui in line in the line also say, medium line to the letter loan of the railroad department the surplus amount is 80,700,000,000 dollars, the line of have already arrived lending rate as well basis level.
 Two banks without previous arrangement will raise basis level to the lending rate of railroad department, this obviously with'7& middots;23'the railroad system appears after the trouble of the variety is relevant.Meeting decision in State Department that convenes on August 10 is developing a high speed railway and it at set up the safety of item to greatly check at the same time, lower a high speed railway luck appropriately camp early speed, and stop to examine and approve new high speed railway construction item.Appeared high speed to extend for railroad system the last few years, this dependence that extends to believe a loan to the bank was very high, but bank of so will all are welcomely provide the letter loan support to the railroad system, obviously have according to this kind of high speed to extend the benefits that can produce to make the consideration of .The railroad system appeared variety now, this undoubtedly would falter the consideration at first.Therefore, two banks make of this kind of adjusts, can be regarded as they support a self interest of a kind of rational choose.
 The commercial bank is a management organization, when it be engaged in letter to lend business, have to to letter loan object of the risk carry on earnest valuation, but here at the same time, commercial bank to high-quality letter loan object of dependence again very strong, but because of our country the government is in the aspects of investing occupancy predominance position, therefore the governmental investment item is that the New Jersey Nets Adjustable Hat head of commercial bank choose object, at the end of 2008 the financial crisis takes place our country the government release of 4 invest big single, have all of parts to very are undertaken by the items that is invested by the government among them.In recent years, the railroad department falls overboard for high speed railway construction, very big to the request of bank letter loan, but it is again a government organ, therefore almost have no difficulty in the aspects of getting the letter loan of bank support.Several in the last yearses, set up in the work agriculture four major lines have already 15%ly approached to take charge of red line to the loan concentration of the railroad department degree.Commercial bank not only takes pleasure in provide a loan to the railroad department, and still universal interest rate the bottom adjusted 10% from the basis level.

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