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The adjustment that the two greatest benefits are empty

Accompany with Spanish national debt rate of return to ascend a stage new high that have ever had again, beautiful main index number this week in a row adjust, mark Pu 500 index number total amounts to fall 0.7% and set since this year the biggest week fall.

  Other main market this weeks in the world also keep on overcast, the day creates to come to the biggest week fall for eight months.And before the Easter holidays of the west of the weekend tradition comes, hand over hurl also slightly light, enlarged motion in the market further.

  Beautiful welcome long weekend

  Close up to the best sunglasses 6th, the United States the way pointed ratio to fall a bargain day ago 14.61:00, Be accepted to 13060.14:00, fall is 0.11%;Standard Pu Er 500 index numbers fall 0.88:00, Be accepted to 1398.08:00, fall is 0.06%;The Na rises 12.41:00, Be accepted to 3080.50:00, rise is 0.40%.

  On that day, American some economic datas of the native announcement are in fact very quite good, for example the unemployment benefit gold applies for receiving a number report.The data of Labor Department suggests that last week, the United States applied for receiving the number of unemployment benefit gold to descend 6000 people for the very first time, declined to 357,000 and created 4 in the last years' lowest levels.When week, can even represent the first time of trend application unemployment benefit number to move to be worth to 36 on the average on all sides.1,750,000, ratio the level after revising reduced a week ago 4250.

  And consult organization to check Lin Jie the report releasing on that day also suggest, American business enterprise plans to reduce staff a number to decline to 10 months to the lowest level in March and expresses that American employer is partial to optimism to job advertisement new employee's viewpoint.

  However, the news that comes from Europe continues to inhibit stock market.Expect national debt rate of return for Spain 10 years to continue to walk on Thursday Gao, once broke 5.8%, set since December, last year the tallest level.This also guesses the external world, NFL Jerseys & hats Spain may become next look for the euro area that the exterior helps of economy.Compare Greece, the economic scale of Spain wants to be a lot of big.

  Total amount this week, mark Pu 500 index numbers decline 0.7%, set since this year the biggest week fall.The way then declines 1.2%.Lower for two greatest index numbers all continuous three bargain days.
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