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Release a run by private capital examination the market is proper it
On November 7, the text makes collective report in the front page to announce reporting of the foreign capital robs into Chinese food examination market .Read this style of writing regrets very many, and start to remember March, 2002 Be announced to a short composition ofChinese youth reports , the headline is ' examination' must enter a market .
  Writer in those early years the commentary of that short composition from head BE, aim at'ocean examination'with'ocean attestation'distinctly encroached upon Zhejiang to examine and attestation market, in order to match another, the province quality check bureau and social capital set the square park that set up share system examination limited company, focused on a market to independently accept to examine womens sunglasses business.The company's property although it is said still talk not and up and independently and a third square, but after all loose to stay toward the planned economy'my examination, my direct and I punishment'this kind of government-operated examination system that lacks public's trust opened small small one knife.
  Every nine years, the above-mentioned government-operated examination system remains in the domestic, the small reform in those early years halts not ex-.Is contrary, 'ocean examination'with'ocean attestation'to China examine a putting together of market to rob then have already expanded food realm from the industrial product realm.
  Be subjected to my domestic product quality method protection, belong to hygiene, quality Jian and eat administration organization doors, such as medicine Jian, agriculture and examination medical inspection...etc. currently under of government-operated examination organization, although it is said still unwillingly protected the local food section of country in the check market, but foreign capital examination organization have already taken down 35% another market quotas.Independence in the world third parties examine the tycoon of organization, like Intertek of England, Switzerland of SGS and TUV, and France BVOI...etc. of Germany, all opened more than 30 branches in the domestic respectively, even SABS South Africa has already ascended China to rob to eat cake as well.
  At present local food check cake have much big, still lack an authority statistics data to release.But as early as few year agos, only Zhejiang province, the light is an ISO9000 quality attestation, several ocean organizations the cent eat annually of the income reach to count huge 100000000 dollars.The food safe aspect scandal reports before decade of dissemination far not today can compare, the food safe Los Angeles Dodgers Hats problem also has no today like this extensive, but today, each time grow a food have to accept a safe examination before becoming available in the market.Taking decade as time stalk to set against a ratio is scanned widely a whole country by one province in Zhejiang, the local food safety examines big cake of market, and affirmation comes from an ordinary people imagination.

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