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One of the ocean economic corpora
Again, one of the ocean economic corpora is to face harbor industry.For the light industry proportion in this industrial economic structure in Zhejiang over-weight, in the province of heavy chemical engineering industry shortage but talk.Need to face at the new stage the heavy chemical engineering industry of harbor industry to increase strength for own development.Under the current situation, in those early years because of being Zhejiang of the small resources province not proper development heavy turn an industrial circumstance nonexistent.Because Chinese aviator sunglasses resources is whole the stone, and petroleum...etc. being tended to strain, having to need in great quantities importing iron mine are various resources.But the change of this kind of big trend, mean who have better port, the better economic interior region can become heavy turn the ground of industrial choice.Current economic scale in Zhejiang has good port again, by all means will become facing harbor to greatly weigh the ground of chemical engineering industry new favor.Is petrochemical, a huge sum of of ships, steel, the car etc. item's investing will also accompany with this kind of trend to fall Zhejiang.But this kind of item get into, the inevitable meeting beats the economic framework of Zhejiang stronger, increasing of GDP soon had a guarantee with total amount.By all means will give as well Zhejiang at economy the transformation explore the way to provide to strongly prop up in the process.
 Finally, reform in Zhejiang is opened though the economy develops very quickly,support level's hasn'ting been getting too great support from the national policy, being been pushing the development of Zhejiang by civil strength is more.Don't say the on trial area of various national level in the inland region and program area for the last few years, pure foreland in addition to opening Zhejiang, is almost a hand.For example, peninsula blue economic area development in Shandong programming, straits west coast economic area in Fukien construction, international tour island in Hainan construction, bead triangle region in Guangdong development programming, wide the northwest gulf economic area development programming etc..Is an ocean resources Zhejiang province enriching indeed didn't be included in, in the programming of national level repeatedly under the circumstance of , though be worth of being weakening, for have no region is a kind of comparison bad situation.But the ocean resources of superior quality in Zhejiang pull up to want to become strategy, nation and regions in the nation to all have no way brush-off.Zhao Hong wishes in Zhejiang and then complies with the surrounding like this but for made a great push.
 Have several above-mentioned importance the vegetable gather, and the Xi was near even to put forward in those early years'88 strategy'Article 6 put forward:Is further exertion Zhejiang of mountain sea resources advantage, devote major efforts development ocean economy, make ocean economic to become me to save an economic new growth to order hard.Zhao Hong wishes and Zhejiang will explore the way womens sunglasses process in Zhejiang naturally in, the cloth son is economic at the ocean.So we have already seen and accompany with approval
the programming of the ocean economy development model area of Zhejiang in State Department, Zhejiang has already put forward to work hard for ocean total output value to reach to CNY 720,000,000,000 till 2015, takes up 16% of province GDP in Zhejiang and takes up 15% of the national ocean total output value;Be till 2020 fight for rewriting ocean total output value to 1.2 dollar Reminbi, become ocean economy strong province.

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