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Its organization has job
A power organization, its organization has job, superior and it belongs to a member how divide the work, internal organization how establish an etc., generally speaking, don't  keep secret an item.For the sake of convenience society, these even is basic public item.But for long time, these circumstance again many with unjust open for'rules', BE'usual practice'.People also mostly habit, make unjust open a kind of officer's people's consensus.  The government baseball hats is unjust to open, be certainly notter only than everyday a basic information;Occupy each time, cover up is also almost and according to appointment but go to.This be why the information publicly will become one of a little bit hot topics of the most dependable medium.This kind of condition, although through implementation information public regulation but can not quickly change.Just The Xinhua news agency still reported the strange form of invitation to bid in the seaport city hall, a have no natural intelligence, had never paid an agency to protect a funds record, didn't pay a business tax record, didn't transact a location and had no contact method of'five have no'company, established to win mark government procurement item in a row for 4 months, sometimes still kept marking in the ceiling price.The reporter hopes to look into to buy related data, the officials of the government call to belong to a business secret;Querying is many, the officials threaten and close a reporter to get up in the board room supervision.  Li Yan requests to open a vice minister division of labour information to be refused and indicts three Weis.The court abandons legal procedure and goes'in many ways make great effort', although make Li Yan carry out right, and almost can make the public vice minister division of labour information of a Wei become established practice as well, however, the of no help to government forms by cheap sunglasses law a habit of opening the information, also of no help to Pei solid citizen to judicatory of confidence.  Reduce administration litigation, see have already helped harmony.However, a successful administration litigation can the function having is synthetic, include the party concerned right to get a maintenance, the judicial organization can make a show of authority and candor, and the Jing come to an administration organization by law Be, make more citizens need not to take a lot of doing service etc. that has to arrive an administration organization thus.But Xiu cage inside of'in many ways make great effort', but only a contain is unclear to stick, right and wrong Mo Ming of'harmony'.see more:THE SOCIETY DEFEATS TO CHINA BECOME THE COUNTRY OF USURY
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