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G20 commitment's noting a property toward IMF
IMF lately pronouncement delete the etc. country commitment in Sino-Russian note to support USD 72,000,000,000 part

international currency and financial committee of 20 country group(G20)s and International Monetary Fund(IMF) announced a joint call to say, G20 the commitment note property toward IMF over 430,000,000,000(U.S. dollar, bottom together), and specially note these the nation include gold brick four countries, however the pronouncement didn't disclose that China concretely notes a funds sum.   The chief executive officer pulls to add virtuous call in the pronouncement, thank to make to note member's country of supporting the commitment, and the country, such as, specially cheap sunglasses thankful China, and Russia, Brazil and India etc. mean the row or column that would like to join to note a property.Specially well worth mentioning BE, at IMF an earliest pronouncement in, IMF reveals the China and Russian etc. country notes a commitment property more than USD 72,000,000,000, but after immediately release new pronouncement, delete this column.

20 country group the wealth is long and the central bank go long on that day at IMF spring meeting the period hold to meet with, meeting after declare to note a property plan.This is IMF in recent years for the second time capital increase, 2009, for reply the then of global financial crisis, the everyone with one action notes to support USD 750,000,000,000 to IMF.

pronouncement said and attended meeting all countries to do firmness commitment, the plan reformed in the IMF2010 age sum of foundation up, note to support more than USD 1000000004300 to IMF.These funds provide IMF all member country use, rather than some one particular region of particularly item funds.

pronouncement emphasize, these funds booking IMF common fund account, the form of bilateral loan issues at the time.Once needing to use funds, beard's keeping Tung through IMF will grant, and want an additional condition, draw up detailed risk to evade, the responsibility share etc. plan.

after debt crisis in Europe gets into the third year, IMF again and again emphasizes to need further capital increase to acquire financial crisis in the world that enough resources Cheap Cartier Sunglasses guards against possible occurrence.Early front the IMF chief executive officer pull to add virtuous mean, several years' latent margin need in the world is about an U.S. dollar in the future, IMF at most needs capital increase USD 500,000,000,000.

up to April 20, IMF acquires of note property commitment more than USD 360,000,000,000.Among them, the euro area commitment notes to support USD 200,000,000,000, Japan commitment notes to support USD 60,000,000,000, England and Korea commitment notes to support USD 15,000,000,000, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Poland the etc. country also does to note property commitment.

but is American attitude of the management of biggest IMF currently negative, definitely meaning can't note a property for IMF.The analytical personage points 2012 fasten an American election year, when the economy has never seen an obvious amendment, if Obama's government the commitment notes a property and anticipates the strong rebound that will cause conservative votes, besides Obama can not persuade the House approval that Republican party guards to note a property plan at all as well.

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