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EU New Year summit releases to tighten obligation signal
 EU the summit's latest news suggest, 27 member junior high schools of EU have 25 all agree a signing build up permanence of help a fund'Europe stability mechanism'(ESM).But still don't reach a consensus concerning the obligation reconstruction problem of the Greece.
  27 member junior high schools of EU only have England and Czech republic nonsupport to build up this fund.Chairman Fan Long of EU wears to mean, after 12 approvals of nations, the fund best sunglasses will formally take effect.The agreement's aim at strengthen in addition to England of member country budget and the discipline of obligation.
  Stable mechanism in Europe is a permanence to help a fund, will replace existing temporary sex euro area to help a fund European financial stability mechanism(EFSF).Stability mechanism in Europe owns EUR 500,000,000,000 funds, anticipating will take effect in July, this year.
  Yesterday, European stock market early dish under the influence of this benefit good news widespreadly soar.England, Germany and France, Russia and Italy once soared more than 1.5% on the average.
  Fine money as tallest as GDP 0.1%
  In a joint call, EU leadership put forward to stabilize European economy of'initial signal', but mean that the nervous situation of financial market still will continue to become economic burden.After the meeting on Monday, the senior officer of EU calls that they hope to soon will have an obligation reconstruction, so that they provides an opportunity that the bond trades for private investor in time in mid- February.
  But summit's hasing a problem don't involve, is an official creditor like European Central Bank, whether also need to reduce the Carrera Sun Glasses obligation of doing not need the Greece.EU leaders to agree to be carried out to fine money measure to excesssive deficit member's country by EU court.The proportion of penal sum doesn't more than 0.1% of the country's GDP is the tallest.For example Italy, the penal sum amount of money is the tallest to amount to USD 2,000,000,000.But the penal sum of euro area nation will become one of the ESM fund sources.ESM requests government while developing economy, need to be kept not and exceed on the average 0.5% obligation deficits of equal to GDP, and reduce total obligation level to not more than GDP 60%.
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