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Economic basic situation keep on to well beautiful allied

However, beautiful allied keep internal monetary policy'hawks'personage but have never lent this to announce a tough view, it is parts of position to pour neutral of the related personage remind beautiful allied keep should keep careful before tightenning monetary policy.Analytical personage point out to this, the debt crisis latent follow-up impact in Europe and American domestic confirmation recovery can keep on sexual of dual need, make beautiful allied keep have to keep'dispassion'.

  Maintain with circumspection optimistic attitude to economy recovery

  The data that American Labor Department announces on March 23 suggests that be a week up to March 17, whole beautiful first time application unemployment benefit number wreath ratios descend 5000 people to 34.8 myriad people, is more obviously low than to be worth in the expectation of 35.4 myriad people that the economist did before now, and set February, 2008 of womens sunglasses lowest data, expressed that the United States' working market is accelerating recovery gradually.

  But concentrated whole beautiful real estate datas of announcement in last week in, though in February whole beautiful bride chamber opening amount wreath the ratio fall 1.1%,show condition in the real estate market in future of be month construction admit amount rise to three and half years to come to new high that has ever had, indicate from 2008 annuities melted a crisis explosion keep on overcast American real estate industry, have already hoped for current economy recovery progress in the United States'add brick to add tile'.

  Keep on in the economic basic situation toward under the good background, Atlanta, the United States is allied to keep a chief executive officer Luo gram admire especially on the 23th but appeal market and the United States allied keep inner part to continue to keep'dispassion'.He points out:'Is beautiful allied keep should not lead early or haven't yet deliberation and then tighten monetary policy, can not expel to release the possibility that more incitements raise Cuo, either;Certainly, the policy draws up beard to develop condition owing to the whole economy of research'.

  Luo gram admires to emphasize especially, although market to the confidence of Ray Ban aviador American economy deliver to build up more,some economic activitieses of regions are still not enough active, therefore'is beautiful allied keep currently to economic American prospect hold the attitude of cautious optimism is suitable'.He means at the same time that in the last several weeks, coming from European risk has already had to fade away, especially after the Greece helps agreement to work out.
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