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BE beginning to solve a high technique product export restriction

Concerning Central America economics and trade relationship, Hu Jintao emphasizes, Central America the essence of the economic trade cooperation is a benefit to totally win with each other, some economic trade frictions is in two countries with each other the benefit cooperate continuously extension to take place with deepen in the process, should gradually solve by cooperating a way during the period of cooperating.The United States loosens a high technique product to export restriction to be advantageous to extension to export to China and pull American economy growth to China  and also be advantageous to balance Central America trade, hope that the United States adopts an actual step.

  As for Reminbi exchange rate, Hu Jintao points out, in 2005 Reminbi exchange rate formation the cheap oakley sunglasses mechanism reform, the Reminbi actual exchange rate has already revalued 30%.American unfavorable balance of trade and unemployed etc. structure problem not is what Reminbi exchange rate results in, even if Reminbi significantly revalues solution also not American economy face of problem.The Mainland will continue to push forward Reminbi exchange rate formation mechanism reform, the larger degree develops regulating of supply in the market function, strengthens Reminbi exchange rate flexibility and keeps its basic stability on the reasonable and balanced level.

  Obama said that lately, beautiful medium both parties announced concerning MLB Jerseys & hats strengthened the United States in economic relation of consociation circumstance elucidation and proved beautiful medium passed to get in touch with dialogue can push two country economic trade the cooperation obtained more achievements.The United States is beginning solution beautiful high technique product export restriction problem, the investment of Chinese business enterprise extension to the realms like American infrastructure construction,etc is welcome, and will adopt more convenience measure.
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