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The exit follows Pu a life time value.From have the human nature angle of Pu a life time value consideration, fair, candor and sharing should be improvement currently the only exit of this kind of structure and form.For example, as the nation that has been wealthy, the people has to despise a mindset towards Africa still falling behind very much up to now, think that they living idle, good Yi bad Lao.This"life to is all an inequality" thinking and behavior has already been more disadvantageous than the people's investment and development in Africa.The people according to working in the domestic of way, fix the authorities and businessman of African the region, take no cognizance environment cheap sunglasses and safety, injured the benefits of native son.Africa wins an election now of leader, also learned with fair, fair and sharing carriage to win ballot, this will influence their attitude to Chines ... Read more »

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The become available in the market rule most for draw on investor of aspect, be enriched to start a business plank companies to back the standard system of city.Among them in the middle of stopping the rules of becoming available in the market the situation, changed to "a year of finance accountancy's report showed in those early years year-end recently through audited clean property is negative" and added the situation of "because of finance the accountancy reported that existing is important of ex- expects to be amiss or deceitful to jot down, reported to carry on to trace back to adjustment to the annual finance accountancy of past, cause recent one every year end clean property is negative" at first"continuously for two years clean property for took".    mens sunglasses For long time, the dalliance, hesitation that back city in the company of the our country capital management layer in ... Read more »

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