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Start a business the plank companies back city

The become available in the market rule most for draw on investor of aspect, be enriched to start a business plank companies to back the standard system of city.Among them in the middle of stopping the rules of becoming available in the market the situation, changed to "a year of finance accountancy's report showed in those early years year-end recently through audited clean property is negative" and added the situation of "because of finance the accountancy reported that existing is important of ex- expects to be amiss or deceitful to jot down, reported to carry on to trace back to adjustment to the annual finance accountancy of past, cause recent one every year end clean property is negative" at first"continuously for two years clean property for took".    mens sunglasses For long time, the dalliance, hesitation that back city in the company of the our country capital management layer in the market has been suffering critique, but backs the establishment of city system, is seen to strengthen legal system construction, the decontamination market environment for the our country capital market and promotes one of investment in the market value important act.Now, deeply hand over start to build up to a little bit perfectly back city standard, this embodied what trading post actively hear opinion in the market and constuct a kind of diligent direction of healthy market, can believe BE, along with the establishment of this system and have the real emergence to back city company, contribute to investor exaltation risk consciousness, thus to some extent overcome Be filled the air to start a business in the plank market currently of excessively stir-fry style spirit.

   But, what to have to point out BE, a company backs city, this not only to company, and isn't all good matter to its investor.Since isn't a good matter, have to someone for back city to undertake homologous responsibility.The company suffers loss from the not in context of present discussion, once backing city, it lost to make use of the possibility that the capital market looks for a company development and at least lost then the basic condition of margin, but some Gao Guan of the company more because of back city but can not oneself hold of start a business stock set to try to make profit now;The investor undertakes loss not in context of present discussion also, investor is the shareholder of company, come up to say to need to take a shareholder responsibility to the company from the theory, the company backs city and mean its stock can in three bargains in the plank market, its the stock price will be significant slump naturally, the investor will suffer property loss.But, in regard to these 2, the company suffers of loss and its management to the company, conduct wrong have direct relation, but the investor suffer of the loss is most just the investment mistake, because the company manages currently institutional of universal imperfection, ask them to implement a shareholder responsibility, request just satisfied theoretically, actually to they to say is unfair of.

   Build up companies to back city system, not for backing city but backing city, best sunglasses but for the sake of the benefits of protection investor.According to the principle like this, the management layer has a necessity while releasing to back city system, the establishment rises with of punishing of kit system.These start a business plank company while becoming available in the market, all carried on with meticulous care a packing, but backed the fact proof of city, this kind of packing basically not agrees with to match company actual.Publish system in the current stock under, they are in IPO widespreadly appeared costliness, the funds were super to collect severity, but these funds didn't develop the effect that should have to the back of the company and resulted in the serious waste of resources.For this circumstance, back city company and its recommending persons have to undertake a homologous responsibility, also the necessity make indemnification to the investor.Is some start a business plank company at have a law function of recruited to all list investment item in manual, but was collecting funds to the back of the Zhang, these invested item could not started, this explains these items be for the sake of IPO but at will and immediately after get up of, this kind of behavior has already approached to deceive.Therefore, company once backing city, have to the investment item being promised in manual by as to it's the parties concerned recruit carry on earnest reviewing, once detection lane falsely forging, having to recommend a person to be by law carry on punishing towards backing city company and. 
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