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"Still have, " I say, "a time per colleague say to have a stomach in the evening, is already 2:00 A.M. clock, I immediately seek a car and carry on the back a person, very quick sends to his hospital, afterwards diagnosis is appendicitis, the doctor says again late some have life danger."

  The supervisor smiles to order, I more concussion, cheap sun glasses continue to say:"I even once was in city reviewed for'never hesitated to do what is right forerunner individual'.Once there are a lot of customers in store in the door of our company, I see a petty thief in the Tao a customer's wallet, I come forward to catch a petty thief, result they are a regiments, I am stabbed and wounded by the scoundrel, I the dead dead drag along a petty thief ……end the police department solved.This is my to get a prize certificate."

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Along with synthesize continuously promoting of the national strength, come to R.O.C work to start a business, concern China the foreign talented person of the development is as more and more as foreign expert.In 2010, China's latest census first time carried on a statistics to the foreigner amount that settles down China, statisticsed a result to suggest and settled down the foreigner amount of mens sunglasses China to approach 600,000.In May, 2010, the our country promulgated the first in the nation inside and long-term talented person development programming outline, established the development strategy that the talented person has the initiative layout.In the future decade inside, China wants to establish a talented person to compete comparison advantage among nations, gets into talented person big country row or column in world and needs to continuously draw on an international top-grade talented pe ... Read more »

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