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The exit follows Pu a life time value

The exit follows Pu a life time value.From have the human nature angle of Pu a life time value consideration, fair, candor and sharing should be improvement currently the only exit of this kind of structure and form.For example, as the nation that has been wealthy, the people has to despise a mindset towards Africa still falling behind very much up to now, think that they living idle, good Yi bad Lao.This"life to is all an inequality" thinking and behavior has already been more disadvantageous than the people's investment and development in Africa.The people according to working in the domestic of way, fix the authorities and businessman of African the region, take no cognizance environment cheap sunglasses and safety, injured the benefits of native son.Africa wins an election now of leader, also learned with fair, fair and sharing carriage to win ballot, this will influence their attitude to Chinese businessman naturally.So say, the government and business enterprise of China, have to learn to follow Pu a life time to be worth of, this is also China to occupy a necessity and full condition in civilization bush in the world.The common saying says that the public changes public.China can not only and those benefitses that depend on technique and capital advantage the related is more own of the good and bad of the words and actions, but would not° until learn how at last have the Pu a life time care spirit, and on these grounds obtain good external reaction.Should say, Chinese government has already noticed to this problem and for example no longer send national leaders the activity of taking part in"rich man club- reach a fertile Si forum".But, currently in the domestic, the all levels local government continues with constantly programming and the development"highland" and"a little bit bright" way, pass to erode residents in the city and"bad habit" of country farmer obtain a GDP high-speed growth.This is to say, the wealth sharing still keeps being a biggest social political economic problem that needs to be faced.

  From here, whether the spectators polarized sunglasses understood such a truth:When the contemporary field social economic structure and form meets the biggest trouble, various innovation of the business enterprise heroics of tiny view meaning, not only didn't work out a problem, on the contrary and more arouse to turn various antinomies.To this, but the professors in the college of commerce do exactly the opposite it, praise its"innovation have a way", isn't this a very absurd joke?
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