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Cruiser is a Labrador Retriever-look for dog once of miscellaneous hand over a dog, although being long to be like isn't outstanding, but the long hair of whole body gold color elegance than the pure breed dog more noble qualities, the gentle lovely personality is also the doter that enjoys host.Took from the pet store at that time just 3-month-old Cruiser homing was a rightness of to get married Australia husband and wife for three years, they is typical D gram family, so sent feeling at Cruiser, considered as its own kid to it similar dote on.Male host's shape is tall and big in stature, the physical stature Jian is large, a boxing coach of workout building;The hostess is gentle and cultivated, small bird's depending on a person inauguration is at a foreign trade company of Wei state.

  While just arriving at this, Cruiser's being very timid, usually hiding in the corner in the house, doing ... Read more »

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