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The supervisor looking at me to pass past newspaper

"Still have, " I say, "a time per colleague say to have a stomach in the evening, is already 2:00 A.M. clock, I immediately seek a car and carry on the back a person, very quick sends to his hospital, afterwards diagnosis is appendicitis, the doctor says again late some have life danger."

  The supervisor smiles to order, I more concussion, cheap sun glasses continue to say:"I even once was in city reviewed for'never hesitated to do what is right forerunner individual'.Once there are a lot of customers in store in the door of our company, I see a petty thief in the Tao a customer's wallet, I come forward to catch a petty thief, result they are a regiments, I am stabbed and wounded by the scoundrel, I the dead dead drag along a petty thief ……end the police department solved.This is my to get a prize certificate."

  The supervisor peeps out one silk touched, he concentrates a short moment to say:"Your business enterprise is afterwards ……"

  "Because that is the stateowned business enterprise, system problem, closed down afterwards, I am unemployeed."I explanation way.

  "Your advantage is still pretty many, this is exactly incomparable, you are exactly the talented person whom we need most ." So, I was admitted by this company, and returned quilt Wei with the big term that the chief executive officer does auditor specialist.

  We many people diploma Gao, baseball sunglasses strong technique and experienced, there is specialty, from thought a lot of advantages, can to some excellent business enterprises, they still have more excellent talented person.But those was neglected by us at ordinary times of to the loyalty of the business enterprise, with the colleague's in peace and harmony relations, never hesitated to do what is right behavior etc., but is incomparable advantage.Therefore, when we go to personal interview study the history and corporate culture of company, see they think greatly of most of, be in need of most of, most need of is what, find out and display own advantage, thus one Shi in of!
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