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The hostess encounters a house suddenly

Cruiser is a Labrador Retriever-look for dog once of miscellaneous hand over a dog, although being long to be like isn't outstanding, but the long hair of whole body gold color elegance than the pure breed dog more noble qualities, the gentle lovely personality is also the doter that enjoys host.Took from the pet store at that time just 3-month-old Cruiser homing was a rightness of to get married Australia husband and wife for three years, they is typical D gram family, so sent feeling at Cruiser, considered as its own kid to it similar dote on.Male host's shape is tall and big in stature, the physical stature Jian is large, a boxing coach of workout building;The hostess is gentle and cultivated, small bird's depending on a person inauguration is at a foreign trade company of Wei state.

  While just arriving at this, Cruiser's being very timid, usually hiding in the corner in the house, doing not dare to take a stroll everywhere, drinking water to look for food is very very careful, feared to make a mistake similar.The hostess of elaboration discovered this matter, so as long as she is at home will embrace Cruiser on her own mens sunglasses initiative, and usually talk with it, kiss it, let it keeps company with to do many matters.As time passes, the hostess gets along with Cruiser of time is opposite and more, the natural but rare maternal instinct state of mind makes two of them's have a very close relation, just like a rightness of mother and children.

  Male host because of work of relation in the evening not often at home, so the task that looks after Cruiser in the daytime handed over to him.He is Cruiser as a boy similar develop him, often take him stroll in the park, rush, play.On the turf-grass, they are always such a naughty game, the male host fling out tennis to signal hint Cruiser to pick up back and trains the speed and bounce that he rushes with this, each time cruisers all appreciate absolute being will and quickly follow ball to fly the direction going out to run, jump up, live ball Diao with the mouth, spare no effort ground again to run back male the host nearby hand over its war booty.

  In outsider's eyes this small families seem to be very happy, the pet gets along with host harmonious, relate to intimacy.Hardly realizing under the happy aureole, but has the secret that the fresh behavior knows!Gradually, Cruiser consequently made change hypochondria and very serious skin disease ……

  After Cruiser is brought back a house discover in a little while male the hostess usually rise quarrel for the sake of some small matters, at first it also feels a Cheap COACH Sunglasses nothing important, at the time that they fought it just quietly squatted down in the corner a to talk not hair, silently the darling ground is foolish.Is noisy over in a little while also like, the host or just as after go toward of painful it, like it.But the affair has never imagined medium so simple, fight to slowly turn into serious conflict, till the last even is the behavior of host's violence of male.Whenever the hostess is threatenned by her companion, the Cruiser head quarter peeps out sad facial expression, is full to contain tears in eye, frighten into inaction, it isn't frightened that oneself is subjected to threat, its sad is own inability for the dint ……it will stand between two of them, for the sake of protection hostess of safety, also for letting male the host calm down, it has never barked or once bites a person, just quietly stand where, on-call.
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