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Value in 2012 the occasion of the New Year, the government of prime minister RuanJinYong published titled, "the improvement of the socialist market economy system, the oriented restructuring and promote the economic growth mode transformation" of important article. This article obtained widely introduce the domestic and foreign media. In the article, RuanJinYong sure "promote economic restructuring, economic growth mode transformation, ensure rapid and sustainable development" is the Viet cong 11 large files involved economic thought core after, RuanJinYong summarized carry out innovation route in our country, the construction of socialist market economy of directional 20 years of achievements and deficiency.
In that spirit, RuanJinYong put forward the socialist market economy of directional five basic characteristic; At the same time puts forward about 2012 and then a few years to perfect our socialist orientation of the market economic system short-term and long-term m ... Read more »
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