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Railway minister liu zhijun for serious discipline is the commission for discipline inspection survey, and be the CCCCP free mor party secretary a duty, as soon as this is authoritative media reports, and caused a stir in the Internet. Minister liu zhijun hometown in hubei ezhou, it has quickly become the town-talk hot topic.
Liu zhijun fell by a surprising indeed, because a lot of people in the 5 years ago his brother LiuZhiXiang sticky, that he will be so farewell Chinese political stage. But, until today, liu zhijun just for alleged serious discipline by the relevant departments and the investigation. Obviously, the collapse of the liu zhijun came too late, but, ultimately, so, we still to the central work of fighting against corruption took a confidence.
Liu zhijun is the news of the investigation is a "heavy bomb" like, make public outcry at home and abroad. Xinhua net, domestic media reported the matter in the specific discipline did not give liu zhijun b ... Read more »
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