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Vietnam's prime minister, puts forward the Vietnam economic system reform direction
Value in 2012 the occasion of the New Year, the government of prime minister RuanJinYong published titled, "the improvement of the socialist market economy system, the oriented restructuring and promote the economic growth mode transformation" of important article. This article obtained widely introduce the domestic and foreign media. In the article, RuanJinYong sure "promote economic restructuring, economic growth mode transformation, ensure rapid and sustainable development" is the Viet cong 11 large files involved economic thought core after, RuanJinYong summarized carry out innovation route in our country, the construction of socialist market economy of directional 20 years of achievements and deficiency.
In that spirit, RuanJinYong put forward the socialist market economy of directional five basic characteristic; At the same time puts forward about 2012 and then a few years to perfect our socialist orientation of the market economic system short-term and long-term measures.
Among them, RuanJinYong stressed the need to concentrate on amending the "midway", in order to create a real estate new era hats wholesale market create convenient conditions, promoting the healthy development of the real estate market, the development of the bond market and expand insurance market, to develop science and technology market. In the reform of the salary at the same time, we should vigorously promote human resources, especially for high quality of human resources training work, for the labor market smooth operation to create favorable conditions, to the state of the price of the product market prices to take measures, etc.
To participate in the market for the main body to create fair competitive environment. Realize the management policy, development and operation activities of the main proposal public transparency, and have a sense of responsibility to explain to the related issues. The party and the state's leading political views is to ensure that the people in the administrative agencies and close to the information of the supervision work rights and interests. The government will research to improve the information public and the sharing of information relevant provision, at the same time in the issue before the decision will strengthen national regulatory authorities to each independent experts and the policy dialogue between people. Continue to innovation and improve the government inquiry and answer questions activity the quality, focusing on the development policy at all levels and the people of the influence of content.
The government to intervene directly in the process from economic change for realizing the development of construction of functions, namely: to ensure that the macro economic stability, for investment and business operations to create convenient environment, and build a development mechanism and improve the quality of public services. Constantly improve the protection of the rights and interests of consumers mechanism, establish a consumer protection center, etc.
RuanJinYong clear point out that economic restructuring process devastates synchronism the following contents:
First, to achieve production industry and service industry restructuring. Improve the quality of service industry, especially the financial service quality, improve governance ability, strengthen risk prevention and ensure that the system security. High value added services, business development support service, innovation mechanism to encourage the development of public service and improve the quality.
About agricultural areas,NFL hats and to pay attention to the development of high quality, efficiency and benefit of the agricultural commercialization, agricultural development and new rural construction, to improve the standard of peasants' living combined.
Second, enterprise restructuring, create the new look of national economies. In order to successfully implement enterprise restructuring, to put the latest science and technology achievement applied to the production and management of enterprise, innovation suited to production technology changes and development of market organization model and enterprise control method, in order to enhance the enterprise the competitive ability.
Third, market strategy adjustment. To promote the product diversification and export market diversification, reduce some of the dependence of the export market. And further attention to the domestic market, especially in rural areas.
Perfect vigorously attract private enterprises and foreign enterprise investment encouragement mechanism, development of investment way, especially a public-private manner to improve the benefit of investment, etc.
In addition, RuanJinYong still sure: on the economic restructuring, economic growth mode transformation at the same time, 2012 years to further implement the political, historical, government resolution 11 conclusion the guiding ideas, strengthening macro economic stability, containing inflation and keep the reasonable growth speed, ensure social the livelihood of the people.
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