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Countries like a car a few years this economy fast forward of luxury cars, just a few short years time through the excellent and accelerating performance, beyond the many developed countries, GDP ranking second in the world so far. Meanwhile, in 2009 China's per capita GDP also to step on to $3700 the candy. Can say the sports car suddenly scene infinite, but the scenery can you always keep, that really can't say. Because this luxury cars ahead, is about to meet a hole, if not good control of the steering wheel, may suddenly fell to the pit inside to scenery will to an abrupt end. The hole is the "moderate income trap". Development economics think, when a country more than $3855 per capita GDP after, if the economy can continue to develop, the industrial structure can smooth upgrade, so, the country will enter developed status. But history experience shows that this is just a phase of middle-income countries need to deal with so many complicated technical, economic, social and politica ... Read more »
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