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Railway minister liu zhijun fell
Railway minister liu zhijun for serious discipline is the commission for discipline inspection survey, and be the CCCCP free mor party secretary a duty, as soon as this is authoritative media reports, and caused a stir in the Internet. Minister liu zhijun hometown in hubei ezhou, it has quickly become the town-talk hot topic.
Liu zhijun fell by a surprising indeed, because a lot of people in the 5 years ago his brother LiuZhiXiang sticky, that he will be so farewell Chinese political stage. But, until today, liu zhijun just for alleged serious discipline by the relevant departments and the investigation. Obviously, the collapse of the liu zhijun came too late, but, ultimately, so, we still to the central work of fighting against corruption took a confidence.
Liu zhijun is the news of the investigation is a "heavy bomb" like, make public outcry at home and abroad. Xinhua net, domestic media reported the matter in the specific discipline did not give liu zhijun behavior, but Taiwan's "the China times but said in a report in the may be up to billions of yuan liu zhijun bribery of giant, and says liu zhijun mistress to eighteen.
In a few years ago the super-ministries process of reform, many departments have feelings of will and conform to the MLB hats senior leaders of public opinion to merge. But, but the mor persisted, will continue to sustain independent "railway kingdom". Folk have more "mountain easy shake, shake & lsquo; TieLaoDa & rsquo; difficult," said. In fact, mor is can continue to exist, and liu zhijun on the officialdom strong position of a great relationship, in liu zhijun opinion, mor to merge into big department of transportation would only have a condition that let him when the most ministers.
Liu zhijun was the relevant departments of the investigation on the news, a financial media reports say liu zhijun with high iron bidding at lok ma and the Hong Kong companies listed on the Shanghai more disadvantages on the case. In fact, this is just part of the discipline, liu zhijun, it is said, at the WuTie bureau chief minister liu zhijun as when he is receiving mor wuhan materials because of corruption in a house and be zhengzhou railway station and political department, liu zhijun was let the head of wuchang train station ShaoLiPing to do his duty to escape punishment. If it does not, political life of liu zhijun maybe in the end then.
In LiuZhiXiang arrested and be lethal-injection appeals, the relevant rumors of liu zhijun everywhere, especially in some overseas website, liu zhijun can say relegation. However, because of the super "activities" liu zhijun ability, many overseas web site to negative news in China would not say in the domestic web site published in the mainstream media. Even LiuZhiXiang reports, the domestic media is not a dare to report TiaoMing LiuZhiXiang and liu zhijun relationship.
As early as in 2006, the author in the overseas media published on the topic to the embattled railways minister liu zhijun "penny, because many little-known information disclosure, this paper released once drew each big media attention. Now remove liu zhijun lok ma, some overseas network media turned up again this, a lot of people see the feeling after good deep.
Liu zhijun LiuZhiXiang after losing in sticky obviously, for once promoted the people have not in its place. But, LiuZhiXiang an accident for liu zhijun as just a near misses, liu zhijun in the saliva still rank the NBA from the ministry of railways. In order to prevent the BiWen exposure of liu zhijun, liu zhijun cousin in the home when the warning folks don't blather.
As the saying goes: "coming events cast their shadows before them," liu zhijun without warning at lok ma is not, in some time ago, liu zhijun cousin for corruption and be in the relevant departments catch, at that time, in the home minister liu zhijun, many people will view this as the central will win the liu zhijun signal, rumors liu zhijun official transport will soon yi. In the cousin of liu zhijun was arrested later, liu zhijun to his relatives said, will not give any relatives, and in a month ago publicly stressed: "the leading cadre to manage relatives, not to use new era their influence for private gain," obviously, liu zhijun said this has its background, his mouth out this worthy of the name can be said to be a thief to catch a thief shout.
Since LiuZhiXiang after the accident, the domestic and overseas public opinion folk public opinion have not paid liu zhijun good evaluation. Because the railway department in fact became the largest "HuangNiuDang", every Spring Festival period, the domestic each big BBS and full of mor and liu zhijun criticism and the sound of abuse. Three transgressions of mor again to people open blank check, will solve difficult to buy a ticket on postponing time, this makes people respond to this department and liu zhijun more disgusted. Mor on the introduction of the new refund shortly before provisions in low-income discrimination is obvious, but behind this not may not have the liu zhijun incite.
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