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The world economic order began to restructuring

Since 1960, the U.S. congress has 78 times improve debt ceiling, average every eight months to improve a, including 49 times in republican presidency is, 29 times in the democratic presidency is. Since Obama on January 20, 2009 since the President, congress has three times improve debt ceiling, improve the amount of $2.979 trillion. Maybe it is because of American history have so many carry limit record, so for the American debt appear the furor, many analysts disagree, even as the United States the two political parties, the product of fighting. But, an assignable the problem is, the American history had so much debt limit to improve record, but he has not appeared like the twists and turns, so big, it showed that the American economy in the new situation. Although the U.S. government to end near misses spent the New Era Hats crisis, but as a standard &poor's, a rating company, have apparently see there new problems, therefore be no holds barred lowered the beauty of the debt rating.

Since the 60 years since the end of world war ii, the United States is the rising global position of the period. Especially since 1971, Nixon announced the government shut down 'gold window ", ended with gold after $link, the global market with gold reserves to restrict the flood of disability was only $eliminate, from now on the fed can $LanYin without restraint, and the United States can with its leading position to the world monetary transmission dollars, use the power to dissolve LanYin caused by the dollar could cause inflation risk. 40 years, the United States is to the world with issue bonds to cope with its massive government spending, and governments around the world have also been bound in the United States on bonds to get away. However, this debt pattern that the federal government had to frequent the money supply increased, and in this financial crisis, the U.S. government is regardless of the world against, introduced a quantitative easing, lead to dollars into the devaluation channel, to become the creditor of the world brought the value of the actual loss.

In this regard, the Chinese government will undoubtedly have deeper visceral. Since the 1990 s in China, in the domestic consumption power shortage of circumstances, in order to ensure the effective GDP rise, greatly promote the export trade, the country's foreign exchange reserves rising rapidly. This was supposed to improve national strength is a good thing, but as the dollar's fallen, this high foreign exchange reserve became instead a burden, the Chinese government had to buy large U.S. government bonds, expected to lead to reduce the loss of the dollar, accumulate over a long period, and became the first big nations. But the American exposed debt crisis, but the beauty of China to buy Treasury debt and countries mainly in dollars in foreign exchange reserves to stop facing the depreciation of the risk. As the two parties to reach an agreement, the United States government debt limit be increased and the federal reserve again put a dollar has become inevitable, so, what followed was a new round of the dollar. Therefore, standard &poor's us bond rating will be lower, is almost no suspense thing.

Of what happened in 2008 financial crisis, is the United States after the financial crisis since the 1920 s the most serious one, although it has been 3 years, but now the situation facing from view, the United States did not from this crisis completely out of it. What is more pessimistic, except constantly put other than dollars, Obama government doesn't have a more effective means to out of the baseball hats crisis. But as the economy has long in global economic pattern a dominant position, the emergence of the changes to the global economic order will produce profound impact, the restructuring of the pattern will be unavoidable. Of course, thin dead than camels Martha, the emergence of this change, in the short term it is difficult to clearly shown, but if the observation dimension in a more under the background of understanding, this pattern changes track will be very clearly show that out. Obviously, if this pattern of psychological ready to restructuring and technology to respond, so, we not only can't in this crisis to find can the development opportunity, it will be the drag and into a infectious diseases like 'secondary crisis ".

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