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The palm acupuncture points massage of method

High blood pressure


    The high blood pressure is a kind of is heated up with artery blood pressure, particularly outstanding is comfortable Zhang Ya the whole body chronic and afferent disease, main and medium area nervous system and endocrine liquid continuously heating up regulate function Xian in disorder relevant, also womens sunglasses have something to do with age, occupation, environment, obese, loving factors like smoke,etc.The Chinese medicine theory thinks main because of liver kidney yin and yang out of tune to.

    Concrete treatment method: Curing high blood pressure has to press to press sun , match a valley and fall zero 5 caves and the whole blood pressure reaction area first. The skill is made an effort to press to press. Use an a bunch of toothpick strong sting, will acquire higher curative effect.

    Good heart function promises blood lucid essential condition. So want to promote whole body blood circulation, have to add a course the heart of center of palm to wrap area, the massage, incitement of the wrist bone cave of the back of the hand is just do execution.

    In the check-up or periodically check, if doctor says your blood pressure Gao, should immediately start in acupuncture points therapy, stimulate acupuncture points with the toothpick, massage acupuncture points, the very quick blood pressure appears to descend. Every day the persistence cures, the blood pressure will keep on to descend gradually.

    Acupuncture points of massaging:Wrist bone, blood pressure reaction area, scattered five, the heart wrap area and match valley and sun 

    Low blood pressure

    Usually the constringency presses following at 100 millimeters of mercury pillars, is then a low blood pressure, bottom blood pressure usually afferent constringency dint bad, blood not Chang. Therefore, the blood can not flow to each corner of hair thin blood vessel and regard heart as principle of blood circulation system the function is bad, appear low blood pressure special symptom thus: In the moment delivering while standing up is black, the hand and foot is ice-cold, buzzing in the ears etc..

    Concrete treatment method: While curing low blood pressure, need to be chosen to relate to with heart close heart through, the heart wrap through and wrap with heart very close through the relation three burnt through the last acupuncture points. Take the absolute being polarized sunglasses door in the side of wrist Zhang, too Ling cave, the sun pond of the back of the hand, medium Zhu cave, these four acupuncture pointses all cure low blood pressure very effective acupuncture points.

    Can also add the blood pressure reaction that the heart of taking the center of palm wraps area and the back of the hand area moreover, these two areas take is also cure low blood pressure sensitive area. Often time slowly presses to crumple, the light Nian rub. Stimulating the main theme is soft and easy.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: The blood pressure responds area, medium Zhu, absolute being door, too the Ling and heart wraps area, sun pond 
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