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The Greek debt last minute negotiations confirmed

The so-called international creditors, including the European Union, the European central bank and the international monetary fund (IMF), they have been insisted: Greek want to get 130 billion euros of loans, must introduce a severe tightening agreement; But Greece has not agreed to. Start from last Sunday, the eu has repeatedly declared the deadline and even threatened as long as not to reach an agreement will not save Greece. And until Beijing time 9 afternoon, Greece still only a "hit discount" debt bargaining agreements, and announced that sent the finance minister jose Ross to pooh Beijing early this time at the euro zone finance ministers "further negotiations".

If the euro zone finance ministers' meeting in this morning's everything is normal, is expected to Greece will ultimately get 130 billion New Era Hats euros aid, so as to avoid default.

The Greek "discount" agreement

According to xinhua overseas financial reports, the Greek coalition government each party leaders after 7 hours discussion, in 9, the eu at the European central bank, and the international monetary fund the second round 130 billion euro rescue loan conditions reached an agreement in principle.

Greece's prime minister papanoida who said after the season moss, the coalition government of three major party leaders have just some "basic problem" to reach a consensus. Three party leaders agree in principle to reduce 3.2 billion euros in 2012, government spending, a percentage of GDP is 1.5%; Will the private sector minimum wage reduce 22%; Years cut 15000 civil servants, etc.

From the result, the Greek debt is "progress," negotiations. Because international creditors in Greek aid brought forward in the condition of the most controversial thing is required at least 150 euros a month auxiliary pension cuts.

According to the report, the leaders of the three parties Greece two of the... The conservative leader with the far right people's party (PPP), MaLaSi leader Carla firm felix deadlocked on this, almost took the whole of the time of the meeting. And media reported that the Greek coalition government's third party...... The socialist party leader PaPanDeLiOu also cut the main opposition pension fund.

When analysts had said, Greek three party leaders to take this again with international creditors bargaining.

The last moment now turnaround

However, be in early actually turn yesterday afternoon already buried.

Euro group chairman, Luxembourg prime minister RongKe 9 morning in a public written statement, said the euro zone finance ministers' set to be 17 local time at 6 9 (Beijing time early this) meeting in Brussels, the key to discuss aid Greece. A statement from this perspective, it also means that the euro zone opened and Greek negotiations again the gate.

In fact, according to the Cheap sunglasses report, papanoida who in three major party season moss leaders discuss the results are namely after RongKe and spoke by telephone. Then announced WeiNi ze Ross to finance ministers in Brussels CaiChangHui euro zone. Market analysts according to think, the euro zone finance ministers are expected to continue to game will and Greece, WeiNi ze Ross will try to persuade the eurozone countries accept the "hit discount" agreement.

The final results are even better than expected. Although entry to euro zone finance ministers haven't held, but more official news has confirmed that Greece has promised to international creditors requirements.

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The central bank to make concessions to Greece

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