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The collective land property rights system reform is the key

Combining all over the past decade JiangCa tide and endlessly caused the group incidents, we can see that farmland property right problem, has come to the point of not.......

But expect to local government spontaneous maintenance farmers land property rights interests, almost impossible. Because a lot of local finance would depend on the land grant fee income. In fact, if not accelerating the urbanization process of the rural land premium bring many towns government financial all would have gone broke. Different regions in the government is able to grab the urbanization process with the great land profit, originates from the existing rural collective land property rights system.


Modern farm economy to achieve scale, at least to 70 mu, according to the standard, collective land system New Era Hats if not privatisation, capital is hard to get into agricultural areas

Existing farmland collective property rights system, regulations, farmland ownership village collective all, and village collective in the present is the village committee. Simply said, in law, farmers are not farmland real owners, but village tenants. This "virtual collective, weak people" land property right structure, gives local government grab the legitimacy of the urbanization dividends, and the necessary means.

Because the local government can "commonweal land collection" name, direct, and CunZhiShu negotiations, as long as it CunZhiShu one-can usually fix, the rest of the villagers land compensation cost but can small, totally see the local government and the villagers' game strength.


The modern society, the elders in countryside reality economic model significance, is easy to government land grab urbanization dividends, and the control of live mob......

Once the village committee head make uncertain, such as wenzhou QianYun will events, or villagers spontaneous out CunZhiShu, such as guangzhou at the event, so local government immediately into the predicament. And for most of the farmers' land appeal reason, it's local government past greed strong, and to CunZhiShu primarily seizing land the wholesale Cheap sunglasses big head of the village committee badly roughed up.

So, over land disputes caused by the rural masses event, almost become nearly 10 years to the focus of the public reports. But from the above analysis, it shows that local government seizes land with legal basis, in the game a powerful position, is also the existing collective land property rights system gives.

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