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The accomplishment turn a point to still need confirmation

The sky mutually invests an analyst:Zhang Lei composes date:2012-03-01

  In 2011, the company carries out operating revenue 3,509,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 18.48%;The business profits is 163,000,000 dollars, together compare to descend 16.56%;Belong parent company proprietor net profit smooth 168,000,000 dollars, together compare to increase 3.80%;Carry out each basic income 0.21 dollars.

  2011 every year degrees of company allotment prepares a case to increase for not assigning not turning.

  The income growth matches an expectation and synthesizes a gross profit rate to keep on a fall.The company carries out the cheap sun glasses operating revenue as 3,509,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 18.48% in 2011 and attain companies to draw up at the beginning of the year of target.But, the comprehensive gross profit rate together compares to descend 1.61 percentage points and continuously falls into 24.60% in 2011 from 35.05% in 2007.The comprehensive gross profit of company leads several near in the last yearses to keep on a fall and make company main the industry is continuously placed in an income stability growth, the business profits keeps on descendent of condition.The main reason is continuously soared by original material price and cost of labor, soldier article price the flexible and lower etc. factor influence, the income has compare attain an or so aerospace soldier article business gross profit rate of 75% to keep on a fall, in 2011 together compare fell 2.48 percentage points, only is 25.87%, compare low in 200713 percentage points.Gradually open along with the our country aerospace soldier work market, the company soldier article competition in the business market turns worse and originally possessed the risk that the gross profit rate of product faces a further fall.In addition, the article scale of the people of the company is still small, increase soon and more slow, and the gross profit lead only be or so for 20%, and is hard to form bigger contribution to the companies accomplishments in the short run.

  The accomplishment growth is still tired, turns point to need confirmation.Company in 2011 the net profit Be smooth to together compare to increase 3.80%, but, the main reason in fact increasing now was a non-operating income to together compare to increase 4, 9,680,000 dollars, attain 5, 6,230,000 dollars.Company non-operating income the big part come from to confirm a headquarters base to transact building, small house property in the sheep shop alienation income, can not keep on.

  Deduct not usually sex profit and loss after, company the net profit is still smooth to physically together compare to descend 25% or so, the accomplishment increases still tired.We think aerospace industry to develop space amplitude, after company new product succeeds to expand, accomplishment already hope to welcome rapid growth of turn a point, but this turns point to still need further confirmation.

  Aerospace industry booming development, prospect vast.'25'BE our country aerospace industry development of the strategic opportunity expect, according to the aerospace White Paper, our country will continue to carry out to carry person's aerospace, the moon to probe into, the satellite navigate to position aerospace great science and technology engineerings, such as system and space station construction...etc., these important engineerings have higher request to the aerospace electronics technique level.The company is the our country aerospace key electronics kit product production business enterprise, the product covered aerospace industrial important realm and integrated technique, satellite and navigated in the aerospace electronics, telemetering remote control, inertial(laser) navigate professional realm of etc. and have stronger advantage, and succeeded to participate in the aerospace conveyance system, artificial satellite system and carry a person the aerospace system, deep space probe into a system, aerospace and measure and control system, satellite and apply several model numbers like service system,etcs and in advance study item, will be quickly increased by the market that benefit throws in and increases and brings at the aerospace industry opportunity, develop prospect amplitude.
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