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Solve intelligence machine Gao Gong Hao

On the ages in this intelligence cellular phone, the function of cellular phone is more and more violent, but the battery technique has no with accompany enter, a lot of intelligence with sturdy function cellular phone, don't longer than 24 hours need machine for time, some even persistence however 12 hour, so possibly the exaltation need machine for time and became to put in a big topic of the cellular phone cellular phone manufacturer's in front.The summer lately released a style of N808 intelligence cellular phone recently, with lend the Wan disease for to a great extent that alleviating the intelligence cellular phone electricity quantity shortage of a pair of batteries equipments, super mens sunglasses strong continuous sail ability. The double gives or gets an electric shock a design and never cut the power a summer lately to do in the battery technique development a little bit greatly creative, considered at the same time the demand of multiuser designs very and developed head in the world the super intelligence cellular phone N808 that the style matches a pair of batteries power supplies.This cellular phone sells to order nature most astonishingly is the double that that total capacity comes to an a 2530 mAhs lithium battery.The general use can need machine for around 4~5 dayses, is already very astonishing result to intelligence cellular phone.


 The design of two pieces of batteries also very has function and was arbitrarily a piece of battery don't give or get an electric shock among them, commendable next refresh, another cake of as usual use, never cut the power by realization of ultimate end target.This means at the same time we can refresh for two pieces of batteries at the same time, while two pieces of batteries can use at the same time and compare pure of double the battery is more practical and economize space.


 Super strong follow-up service can get stripe into Anne Zhuo 4.0 summer the new N808 became available in the market and then adopted at present the most popular Android2.3 systemses, baseball sunglasses the function stabilized, the function is strong, and supports wireless AP function, can let the surrounding equipments of supporting the Wi-Fi pass new N808 of summer interview Internet, by so doing we nearby other figures products can also play at any time on the Internet at any time, like apple iPad, need not purchase an expensive 3 G edition.And summer's lately follow-up service supports also pretty much to the dint, N808 at soon later can get stripe 4.0 latest systems of valley song, then summer customer's experience of the new N808 will ascend 1 F floor more.
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