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Social management is also have different rank
Social management pattern of the management of society as an institution, it is to point to social management division of labor and cooperation of various bodies of composition structure and operation mode, but in the class society is not a pure neutral concept. Social management pattern contains management main body and the relations between the main body two respects content, on the one hand, the social management main body all what, can be divided into which a few kinds, on the other hand is the main body is how to contact each other, their position responsibility for what it is. Obviously, for whom the service, who is leading, who play a leading role, this will determine social management pattern of the class properties. We are the leadership of the communist party of China's socialist country, the party is the core of leadership for the cause of, our country socialist state power belongs to the people, and serve the people whole-heartedly is our party's sole purpose, the party's leadership, service people, this is our country social management basic characteristics.
Strengthen social management and innovation, and is the social management system reform, and is the social management of a revolution. Along the New Era Hats direction, according to reform what what ideas, strengthen and innovation is the success or failure of the social management. Adhere to the correct the system of social management reform direction, is to keep the party's leadership, insist on all the people's interest to, insisted that China characteristics socialism direction. Reform will be helpful to strengthen the party's ruling position, maintain the people's fundamental interests, and ensure the stability of the height to consider, ensure that reforms along China characteristics socialism direction. If the leadership of the party, to weaken reform for some services, it took to the XieLu....... In the current hostile forces still exists, the western part of the anti-china forces still attempt to change the nature of the regime in China history background, strengthen the innovation and social management, must be highly vigilant against all sorts of wrong ideas, thoughts of erosion.
We began to make economic system reform, some western had tried to let us copy their country mode copy. But, with comrade deng xiaoping, comrade jiang zemin at the core of the party's second generation, the third generation of the collective leadership and with comrade hu jintao as general secretary of the central committee, insist to build the socialism market economy, adhere to the public ownership as the main body, adhere to the distribution according to work is main body, adhere to the road of common prosperity. Practice proves that our country socialist market economy system is successful, in to deal with the international financial crisis hit by the test, our country economy in the shortest possible time to restore the strong growth momentum, economic system show that the strong vitality. Although western had known to the macro-control this only "visible hand of the role, but because of the height of the privatisation, marketization, liberalisation, it is difficult to restrain" invisible hand "negative effects, government regulation is difficult to play its proper role. We are able to handy, the key is to have public the base, with the party and the government's strong leadership, a strong social mobilization ability, in a word, we have the political advantage and system advantage. Today, we are the system of social management reform, must hold to party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation in social management pattern, give full play to our political advantage and system advantage, to ensure that the system of social management reform of socialism direction, establish a Chinese socialist features of the system of social management.
And, of course, and promote the reform of economic system, to promote the system of social management reform, building with Chinese characteristics of social management pattern, and not to seclusion. Each country and each nation in promoting social development process, both creating a unique social management modes, but also for the human contribution social Discount sunglasses management thought, these are all part of the human civilization. We must set up a world view, the social management experience in summary based on, insist to emancipating the mind, seeking truth beg yes ideological line, conscientious study and learn from foreign social management experiences and cultural achievements, closely around the comprehensive construction well-off society's general objective, firmly grasp "maximum limit arouse social vigor, maximize the harmonious factors, minimize not harmonious factors" total demand, in order to solve the problems affect social harmony and stability, then to improve social management scientific level, perfect the party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation in social management pattern, further formation and China characteristics socialism market economy and democratic politics, the advanced culture that adapt to the social management system.
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