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Poland there is also similar circumstance

Moreover, in addition to political power, other social strength are also stronger, for example and Poland have a strong church in these nation.And, in 1956 and 1968 after these nation of the leader is all basically what Soviets props up, those only Soviets, Ma Shou, is "Moscow parties" for looking forward near political the monopoly can not also acquire a legitimacy from the system structure, have to with the economy kept in mind soft method to recover the race wound that the people's hostile emotion and the repair Su's soldier capture.For example and Hungary, after the Na Ji is killed, I personal felling Er in Qatar have been containing psychological stress to the dead of the Na Ji, therefore on the economy in order to please people, continuously lend the foreign loan exaltation the people to cheap sunglasses consume level.Er in Qatar says:"As long as providing a merchandise to make the common people happy, which afraid socialism mimicry capitalism, I also satisfy."So be Hungary praised as the Eastern Europe"consumer heaven" that time.This is also why Hungary on the time in economic transformation choose the important reason that the stateowned business enterprise all sells, because want to compensate a great deal of foreign loan that the socialism period leaves behind.

  Poland there is also similar circumstance, cover a Lai gram to distinctly incur debt, Discount Carrera Sunglasses till the time in 1989 have been heavily in debt, these moneys for borrowing also the big part is used for raising people social welfare level.Private banks of World Bank, international currency organization and west all take pleasure in toward the national loan of these socialism camps, this way that incurs debt to"make a living" directly influences economy in upheaval to turn track mode afterwards.So, after 1989 transforms, many people in these nation still think of the welfare of socialism period, this also very comprehension.However this of course not is to say they really want that the living status being past returning to.We now to realistic grumbler also a lot of, they really want before returning to reform?This is the similar truth.
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