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Next year will also injured macroeconomic regulation
Recently, the statement said senior constantly, will continue to strengthen the control policy, steps of the arrival of the New Year, from real estate market in the next year the voice of policy, has begun to shows expansive.

In the Chinese premier wen jiabao 26 said publicly that "have the confidence to house prices back to reasonable price", vice premier li keqiang 27 to adhere to the real estate market emphasis "regulation not be moved", China's housing and rural construction minister he 29 in Beijing to real estate to make clear regulation again next year, said will unswervingly strengthen the real estate market regulation. Further strengthen the control measures of execution. And will "in conjunction with the relevant department reserves control policy."

Since from room, real estate control policy was basically to pressure is given priority to, but the effect never better, even if is a pressing, in the future of a period of time, make the more violent rise, many step empty MLB hats person is in this round round the expecting of step empty, and at the same time, there are also a number of and a batch of bold against the wind investment, did round and round bands. This is China's real estate macroeconomic regulation and control of the pain, in essence is not the macroeconomic regulation and control, but a specific control.

All these years macro-control disorders, many people will ask next year, the macroeconomic regulation and control will disorders? In fact, in the superimposition effect next year or real estate regulation has made some achievements, but won't be long-term victory.

And make real estate boom foundation, based on demand and supply of serious deviation from the structures and the deteriorating constantly, the real estate speculators and investors into the park, in the defense of wealth at the same time, the real estate for a hedge inflation and depreciation of the tool, magnifies the real estate finance attributes.

Recently, the Spanish crisis, and real estate bubbles dragged down a bad egg, therefore, we can see that real estate soft the way how important, if not from the deal with the real requirement, left a boxing and a foot, not only distorted the price system, and even if the real estate market has defeated, the whole economy have to take off a layer of skin, get into muscle.

Reports say this November, Spain's debt financing costs rose 18%, face like Ireland the same debt crisis. And Spain once prosperous real estate industry throughout the country have left many bad tail engineering. Property developers have had the money in the development bank loans are, these loans now became bad debts. So researchers are reading, real estate for NFL hats how terrible economy, but in fact, real estate is far greater than the effect of negative effects, if the measures taken proper words. In fact, the western countries in the process of urbanization, mostly appeared the real estate prices sharply bull market structure. But, now of the western has industrialization and urbanization after after, falling demand, lead to the urbanization direction or price adjustment, are expected, but not to say, real estate is an apple of discord, which country development here which country bad luck. Not so, want to see stage and specific measures, like the Japanese do, brazen take down measures, leading to a real estate bubble pass away with broken precedent, but at the same time, like Singapore that security room and commodity house contradicting the countries also have.
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