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Network bookstore swing

Entities have failed in the bookstore at the same time, SuNingYi purchase, dangdang, jingdong mall isoelectric business mogul to attract flow, is the potential with an overwhelming swept book market, the business of almost equal to the bookstore acquiring private bookshop: the fall of history.

The 2010 China network shopping market research report showed that in 2010, the Chinese book audio and video products accounted for e-commerce market ranked third of total consumption, purchase of all users of users rate of 31.4%.

As the joint and photosynthesis of successive collapse, someone asked, the electronic commerce and what is the relationship? 'has a direct relationship. With the popularity of e-commerce, the manufacturer to traditional retail and offline channel already obvious influence; At the same time the traditional enterprise started with offline advantage into electricity company, although many enterprise huge investments to fold back the ji, but have the potential of the late on. We can not help but ask: a fallen is who, who will win? 'Chinese MLB hats manufacturers BuKaiJun President told reporters.

Meanwhile, online bookstores and entity the developing gap of the bookstore is gradually widened. From 2007 to 2010, dangdang network's revenue growth, rising from 446.9 million yuan to 2.2817 billion yuan, the growth of more than 510%. This year the first two quarters, revenue value has already been up to 1.4784 billion yuan. Among them, the user and the order of the growth is contributed to its revenue by leaps and bounds main reason. In 2007, the war up distribution excellence amazon, began to unprecedented 'full exemption freight', drive electric ShangShiChang in logistics and distribution of the competition. On October 27, 2011, amazon will its China subsidiary 'outstanding amazon' renamed 'amazon China', expand national business. Similarly, the day before, the biggest domestic private chain bookstore... Photosynthesis of two stores in Beijing (modern city store and wudaokou shop) for default payment was forcibly suppliers, and then be exposed to the capital chain rupture, xiamen headquarters office moved empty.

To this, the senior media people wei strong said, 'should not be the traditional enterprise and electricity traders oppose, every enterprise to find his best business model. Don't do the buy sunglasses business secretly counted the money they are traditional enterprise, the business of a loss. Electricity company, just enterprise management a supplement form, therefore, operation good traditional enterprise, if can smooth electrical contractor implanted gene, will wings, the key should see operation method. '

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Entity bookstore winter comes

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